Brooks B. Robinson, Ph.D., is the principal developer of and contributor to BlackEconomics.org.

Publications by B.B. Robinson, Ph.D.:

Black Men Can Benefit Better from Sports Opportunities, and Here’s How (February 2014)

Well-Conceived Plan Needed if Black-White Wealth Gap is to End (December 2013)

Black-Hispanic Economic Relations in a Precarious Balance (August 2013)

Kanye Doesn’t Provide the Keys to Unlock “New Slaves” (May 2013)

Making the Black Community Sustainable (April 2013)

Social Security’s COLA Conundrum (March 2013)

Jamie Foxx Unchained (January 2013)

What Should the Unemployed Do? (January 2013)

Now or Never for Black Homeownership (November 2012)

Are You Better Off Today? (July 2012)

Becoming American with a Passport (February 2012)

Simple, Complex Community Service Suggestions for Black Churches (December 2011)

Time for Change on Black America’s “National Anthem” (December 2011)

Those Who Make Nothing (November 2011)

Dependent and Unable to Do for Self (July 2011)

Social Networking to Achieve Racial Unity (May 2011)

Blacks’ Role in the U.S. Economy (February 2011)

Trust for Us (February 2011)

Bank Creation Key to Black Economic Development (December 2010)

There Must Be a Flaw (October 2010)

The Marriage-Job Paradox (July 2010)

Anyone Can Do Anything (February 2010)

Inequality Within (January 2009)

Finding Financial Security Through Old-School Wisdom (October 2008)

HBCUs Should Produce Quantum Physicists, Not Quarterbacks (September 2008)

Why No Black Faces on Greenbacks? (May 2008)

Changing Attitudes, Changing Lives (February 2008)

Is a Black Leader Best for Black Voters? (February 2008)

Why Migrate South? (October 2007)

What Will You Do If Your House Goes Underwater? (September 2007)

Addressing the Most Painful Discrimination (June 2007)

Subprime Mortgages: A Case of Back to the Future (April 2007)

A Rational Response to an Irrational Act (April 2007)

Have Blacks Advanced in the 21st Century? (Feb. 2007)

Goals are Richer Than Dreams (Jan. 2007)

Right or Rich? How About Both? (Dec. 2006)

Where Do We Go From Here? (Nov. 2006)

It’s All About Trust (Oct. 2006)

Bill Cosby Lives in a Glass House and Shouldn’t Throw Stones (Aug. 2006)

“Akeelah and the Bee” Relates Important Messages About Perseverance, Individual Drive and Community Involvement (May 2006)

Thieves Make Opportunities Disappear (April 2006)

Should Blacks’ Participation in Sports Should be Limited to Chess? (Feb. 2006)

What We All Owe William J. Seymour (Feb. 2006)

The Golden Sentiment (Jan. 2006)

Judges, the Supreme Court and Cybernetic Governance (Oct. 2005)

“Crash” Causes Pain (June 2005)

Don’t Look this “Gift Horse” in the Mouth (Feb. 2004)

Why “Buffalo Soldiers”? (Aug. 2003)

Merging Churches to Find Strength (July 2003)

A Good Name is As Good As Gold (Feb. 2003)

Blacks Must Add Missing Ingredients to the American Melting Pot (Dec. 2002)

A Black Literary Canon for the Long Run (Sept. 2002)

U.S. Space Program is Black America’s Salvation (Nov. 2001)

Expectations are Everything (Sept. 2001)

Should African-Americans Favor Privatizing Social Security? (Aug. 2001)

The Media Proves McWhorter Right: Some African-American Youth Believe Academic Excellence is Not “Cool” (June 2001)

Unify and Flourish (April 2001)

African-Americans Reaching Their Goals in the 21st Century (Feb. 2001)

He’s Got More than Game. He’s Got Perspective (May 1998)

Amistad: Reigniting Fears Through History (Jan. 1998)

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