DawnMarie Alexander Boursiquot

Project 21 member DawnMarie Alexander Boursiquot is owner of An Uncommon Voice Coaching & Consulting and host/facilitator of “Life It’s Only a Decision” (Facebook/YouTube) and “The Process319 with DawnMarie.”

DawnMarie earned a Bachelor of Communications from Carroll University in Waukesha, WI and received her Masters in Psychology specializing in Mediation and Conflict Resolution from Ashford University. She is a certified mediator in the state of California, with years of experience in mediating small claims cases. DawnMarie has also completed a certification in Mediation and Restorative Justice, an approach to conflict resolution which includes bringing the victim and the offender together in a neutral space.

Currently DawnMarie is taking a brief break from completing her doctorate degree in Psychology at Grand Canyon University. She has completed all required coursework and plans to return in Fall 2022.

DawnMarie is a staunch advocate for accountability and change and believes in the power of people working together for the greater good.


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