Hughey P. Newsome is a member of the national advisory council of the Project 21 black leadership network. He is a member of the black political network and has his own blog called The Objective Citizen (

Hughey received an MS degree from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard Business School (where he also interned at the Pentagon in the U.S. Air Force’s Finance and Cost Accounting Office). A specialist in financial issues, he has previously worked for AT Kearney, Chrysler Financial Services and CGN and Associates (where he worked on assignments for multinational Fortune 500 clients in Belgium and China).

Newsome currently serves as a consultant for MorganFranklin in McLean, Virginia and has his own consulting firm, EGE-squared.

Sample of Public Appearances by Hughey Newsome:

On RT Network’s “The Big Picture,” Hughey points out that there are, in fact, conservative alternatives to ObamaCare (1/15/16)

On One America News Network’s “The Rick Amato Show,” Hughey contrasts Obama’s foreign policy as president and as senator (9/22/14)

On the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report with Bret Baier,” Hughey says solid families and a good education are what really levels the playing field in the employment market (1/24/14)

On the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Power and Politics,” Hughey offers constructive advice on America’s race problem following the not-guilty verdict of George Zimmerman (7/19/13)

Publications by Hughey Newsome:

Audit the Fed, but Be Careful Who Gets That Power (March 2015)

How to Make Media Coverage of Race a Force for Unity (December 2014)

How Liberals Use the False Myth of Voter Suppression to Rally Support – But at the Expense of Better Race Relations (November 2014)

Learn from the NFL: the Free Market Works (October 2014)

Buffett’s Money Walks Different from the Way He Talks (October 2014)

Economic Lessons from Egypt: Grow the Economic Pie Instead of Subsidizing It (August 2014)

The Secretary of Education Should Put His Money Where His Mouth is on Teacher Tenure Reform (June 2014)

A Flat GDP is Much More Important than Donald Sterling (May 2014)

Even Obama Can Be Accused of Voter Suppression (April 2014)

There Should Be Repercussions if Taxes Aren’t Spent Wisely (April 2014)

Disproportionate Definitions of “Disproportionate” (March 2014)

If I Were a Liberal (March 2014)

Dr. King’s Legacy and the 21st Century (January 2014)

A Deeper Dive into Melissa Harris-Perry’s “Apology” (January 2014)

Inequitable Arguments about Income Inequality (December 2013)

Oh, SNAP: What They Forget to Say About Food Stamp Cuts (November 2013)

Too Big for One Man, or Just Obama? (November 2013)

The President’s Portfolio of Fearmongering (October 2013)

Racial Hypocrisy’s Real Consequence: It Moves Us Away from Solutions (September 2013)

Division-Dealing a Denial of Duty (August 2013)

The Hard Truths Revealed by the Trayvon Tragedy (July 2013)

Politics and Pawns (January 2013)

All Politics Should Be Local (January 2013)

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