Jeremy Woodward

Jeremy Woodward is a conservative who strongly believes in the principle espoused by John Adams that freedom is attainable for all people via the application of capitalism.  He has more than seven years of experience working in law enforcement. His experience is vast with assignments both inside and outside of prisons industry. Jeremy has served as a correctional officer and caseworker for the prison systems of the South Carolina Department of Corrections. He’s also held the positions of environmental enforcement officer for county as well as a patrolman for a small community. As part of this work, he has been able to successfully assist incarcerated individuals as well as individuals who have been released from prison in their search for jobs, housing, and modifications to their sentences.

Jeremy’s academic career includes an associate degree from Limestone University and he’s currently completing his bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of South Carolina. He is a proud husband and father who gives back to the community by working with young athletes, particularly in the sports of football and soccer. He has a deep conviction that children and young adults of all ages should have the opportunity to participate in high-quality educational programs. He believes the criminal justice system should be reformed in a way that is both efficient and effective, and that there should be appropriate tax improvements for the middle class.

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