Joe Mobley

Project 21 member Joe Mobley is the host of “The Joe Mobley Show.”

Joe sees his mission as empowering others to take charge of their outcomes by changing their attitudes and levels of effort. Joe is a disabled U.S. Army veteran and long-time advocate for conservative principles – including individual liberty, limited government, meritocracy, capitalism and protecting the rule of law.

His exceptionally diverse experience includes serving in the military, with law enforcement, on church staff and as a professional musician. He formerly worked for one of the world’s largest and most influential consulting firms, and is now the director of account management for HSP Direct.

Joe’s passion is combatting domestic human trafficking. He is the co-founder of The Red Cord, a nonprofit organization combatting human trafficking in southwestern Oklahoma. Joe is a former member of and CLEET-certified trainer on the Oklahoma Human Trafficking Task Force.

Joe holds a Bachelor’s in Music from Liberty University, and a master’s in Homeland Security from The George Washington University.


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