Melissa Ortiz

Senior Advisor,
Able Americans

Melissa Ortiz serves the National Center for Public Policy Research as the organization’s Senior Advisor for the Able Americans Project. In her role, she will develop the project’s strategic plan, marshals key resources and helps oversee the implementation of the project. She also assists the president in identifying necessary contractors, employees, strategic partners, stakeholders and donors and serves as a key spokesperson.

Melissa identifies as a “happy warrior” and is enthusiastic about driving a dialogue between people living with disabilities or chronic illness and policy makers across the political spectrum, especially conservatives. She has worked in the classroom in Nashville, Tennessee and in the nonprofit sector in New York City and Washington, DC. She was honored to serve as President Trump’s Commissioner of the Administration on Disabilities. The first female board member of The Conservative Caucus, one of the oldest conservative groups in existence, she currently resides in Washington, D.C. with her husband Tony and Service Dog Dachshund, Annie Oakley.

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