Project 21 Ambassador Robin N. Barnes is the principal associate broker/owner/CEO of Latitude Commercial & Development Company, Latitude OZ Consulting & Private Equity, and Latitude Foundation.

In addition to being a full-service commercial broker, she is also the new fourth member and fund advisor-manager of Restore Build Grow Opportunity Zone Fund (RBGOz.Fund).

As a native of Flint, Michigan, Robin understands the challenges faced by communities that lack simple everyday necessities like housing, access to quality food, education, and job stability.

Through her love for real estate development and urban planning, she became COZA-certified in Opportunity Zones, an IRS policy educational program, in which she constellates government entities and qualified investors via capital gains to fight lack across the country using the Opportunity Zones policy platform.

She travels across the country educating and consulting governors, mayors, developers, and qualified investors about the necessity of housing in America and how the American Dream can be achieved by anyone and everyone.

In addition to her work with Project 21, Robin is an advisor for the Black Conservative Federation and a member of the Heritage Foundation. She also has served on the community level with voting seminars and several successful state and federal candidates’ campaigns.

Robin has logged multiple TV appearances — including Newsmax TV’s MAGAnomics w/ Steve Cortes and WXYZ Local Channel 7 — and several radio shows.

Robin has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University Of Michigan and a master’s degree in global marketing from the University of Phoenix.

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