Shelby Emmett, Esq., a member of the national advisory council for the Project 21 black leadership network, is a Maryland attorney with a focus on employment and family law.

Shelby also has served as a legislative counsel for Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI) and as a staff assistant for Rep. Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA). She also has worked in policy development for the Healthy Teen Network of Baltimore and in legislative affairs for the U.S. Department of Education.

Shelby, a Detroit native, received her BA from James Madison College at Michigan State University in Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy with a second degree in Social Relations. She received her law degree from the University of the District of Columbia.

Shelby also is a former talk radio show host on the BlogTalkRadio network, is an experienced radio and television guest and has written for several blogs and publications, including the Daily Caller.

Public Appearances by Shelby Emmett:

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