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ObamaCare Exchanges Are Set to Create a Host of New Problems and Exacerbate Old Ones

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'Glitch' in Subsidy Mechanism Means Many Exchange Consumers Could Pay Higher Premiums Customers Will Find Insurance with Even Skinnier Networks; Exchanges Will Move One Step Closer to Death Spiral Dr. David Hogberg, Health Care Policy Analyst, Available to Discuss What ...

Throughout U.S. History, Immigration Surges Have Harmed Black Workers

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Washington, D.C. - Surges in immigration have harmed black workers throughout U.S. history. Evidence shows that eras of high black employment and economic mobility directly correspond with periods of reduced immigration. Should President Obama legalize many or all of the ...

Possible Obama Scheme to Designate Huge Numbers of Latin American Illegal Immigrants as “Refugees” Would Violate Limits on Refugees Set by Obama Himself

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Such a Strategy to Circumvent Congress Would Violate Refugee Procedures Set by U.S. Law and Harm Immigration Chances of Desperate Refugee Applicants from Other Continents Washington, D.C. - President Obama reportedly is considering designating Latin American illegal aliens as "refugees" ...

Obama’s Immigration Policies, if Adopted, Would Prejudice U.S. Immigration Policy Against Immigrants from Africa

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Obama's Threatened Executive Actions Would Legalize Millions from Central America and Mexico While His Legislative Agenda Would Cut African Immigration by a Quarter Washington, D.C. - Expected executive action by President Barack Obama to block illegal aliens from deportation would ...

Influx of Illegal Immigrant Children Likely to Strain Public Schools

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Washington, D.C. - Each of the tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children pouring across the U.S.-Mexico border who remains in this country is legally entitled to a free public education. If President Obama allows large numbers of illegal alien ...

Obama Amnesty Would Hurt Black Americans

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Washington, D.C. - If President Barack Obama takes unilateral executive action to grant work permits to millions of illegal aliens, he will hurt black Americans, say experts with the Project 21 black leadership network. How Black Americans Will Be Hurt ...

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