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Health Care: Is a Health Insurance “Individual Mandate” Constitutional? by Matt Patterson

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The Left Says: "An insurance mandate would be enforced through income tax laws, so even if a simple mandate were not a valid 'regulation,' it still could fall easily within Congress's plenary power to tax or not tax income." Source: ...

Do Minimum Wage Increases Benefit Workers and the Economy? by Ryan Balis

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The Left Says: "...there is no evidence of job loss following a minimum wage increase - in fact, studies show that small businesses would benefit by a minimum wage increase." Source: "Minimum Wage," website of the U.S. House of Representatives Democratic ...

Is the Canadian Health Care System Better Than America’s?

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The Left Says: "Does this mean that the American way is wrong and that we should switch to a Canadian-style single payer system? Well, yes." Source: New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, as cited by Sally C. Pipes, "Health Care, ...

Economic Policy: Are Tax Cuts for the Rich Bush’s Top Priority?

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The Left Says: "Tax cuts for the wealthy come first -- before jobs, before schools, before health care, before poverty, before the war on Iraq, before dealing with the deficits." Source: Jesse Jackson, "Bush Cuts Rich In, Leaves Rest Out," ...

Daily Life: Is Our Economy a Scandal?

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The Left Says: "The scandal of our time is that with all the explosion of technology and productivity the average American is not working fewer hours and making more money. We are not down to a thirty-hour week. The middle ...

National Security: Has George Bush Abandoned Global Leadership?

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"For almost three years now, the world has been given quite a different view of the United States than the one to which it had been accustomed. It has seen global leadership abandoned and replaced with what now is known ...

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