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Group Assails Abuse of Entitlement Programs by Immigrants – 2/96

As evidence mounts that increasing numbers of immigrants are dependent on government entitlement programs, members of the African-American leadership group Project 21 are supporting curbs and cuts in programs that they believe are rife with fraud and abuse. Project 21 member and California businessman Al Wilson states, "There should be legislation that requires the repatriation of immigrants and refugees if their sponsor fails to uphold their obligations to support them. Congressional testimony has raised the spectre that ever-increasing dependency of immigrants could lead to the crowding out of other eligible people." The example of Orange County, California serves as a ...

Contract With Black America Fulfilled: New Empowerment Legislation Introduced – February 1996

Date of Issue: February 24, 1996 General Information Contact: Project 21 Director House Leadership Backs Reforms Expected To Sweep Away Welfare State With A Plan of Hope and OpportunityHouse Speaker Gingrich Expected to Attend Press Conference Fulfilling Terms of Project 21's "Contract With Black America" on Tuesday, February 27 at 11 AMCiting a declining public education system, a deteriorating family structure, and an escalating crime rate, especially in low-income neighborhoods, the House Republican Task Force on Empowerment and Race Relations (cochaired by Reps. Jim Talent and J.C. Watts) has called a press conference in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, January 27 ...

Poll Shows Union Members Oppose Having Their Dues Used for Political Agenda

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A majority of union members do not realize organized labor is using union dues for political purposes, and a strong majority opposes them doing so, says a new national survey conducted by the Luntz Research Companies. The national survey revealed that: 58% of union members did not know that the national labor unions were using mandatory monthly dues to pay for $35 million in election activities through November; 62% opposed use of their dues for such activities; 84% would support making union leaders disclose exactly how they spend member dues; When asked what the most important responsibility of unions was, ...

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