Blacks Need a Hate-Your-Own-Race Crime Bill, by R.D. Davis

A New Visions Commentary paper published November 1999 by The National Center
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Have you ever wondered why, when blacks commit crimes like murder or rape against other blacks, they will only go to prison for about two seconds before they are back on the street again? How about when blacks (other than O.J.) victimize whites? They seem to always go to prison for two lifetimes. Why the discrepancy?

Well, I think I have the answer. Are you ready for this? The reason is that black-on-black crimes are not considered "hate crimes." I guess blacks must kill other blacks because they love one another. You may be saying, "that ol’ R.D. has really gone off the deep end now." I beg to differ, my friend.

I received this "wisdom" from the leftist, secular humanistic organizations like the Anti-Defamation League and their left-wing cohorts in Congress. They believe hate crimes can only be crimes committed against others because of race, color, religion and national origin, sexual orientation, gender or disability. The Hate Crimes Prevention Act (which the Senate has already approved and President Bill Clinton has promised to sign into law if passed by the House of Representatives) would empower Big Daddy Government to more effectively protect Americans from "bias crimes" by making the punishment for such crimes more severe. The intent is to send a strong message to criminals that hate crimes will not be tolerated.

If we must further muddle our criminal justice system with specific punishments doled out for attacks on particular characteristics, how about legislating a "hate-your-own-race" crime bill? Hate-your-own-race crimes should also not be tolerated. This is the most practical option and makes the most sense. Here’s why: In America, statistics show that over half of the homicides committed in this country are committed by blacks and half of the victims of all homicides are also black. It does not take a rocket scientist to derive the undeniable conclusion that whites (as well as other races) are not killing us with "hate" and "bias" crimes. In reality, we are killing ourselves with hate-your-own-race crimes! This is assuming, of course, that we are not killing each other because we love each other so much.

In Washington, DC, for example, there were 360 reported murders, 292 rapes and 7,228 assaults in 1995. There were only six reported bias-related crimes. One would be hard-pressed to argue that the KKK has made our nation’s capital unlivable for black middle-class families instead of black drug dealers, gangs and anti-social/criminal thugs.

Hate-your-own-race crimes, whether directed against one person or many, are particularly destructive in the way they spread feelings of hurt, anxiety and fear. This crime is much more than an attack on the black man. It is an assault on the entire black race. And, for this very reason, we must send the message to black criminals who commit heinous crimes against the black race, that they will pay the price.

The preservation of the black race is at stake. Hopefully, our elected officials will collectively "feel our pain."

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