Ending Anti-Conservative Discrimination, For the Children, by Bob Parks


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Warning: The following statements made by the author will be construed by some as judgmental.


Some liberals, especially educators, are cowards. They take advantage of their positions of authority and influence over the more impressionable to perpetuate an ideology that becomes more illogical with the gradual addition of rational thought.

They “indoctrinate” college students using the usual liberal code words and lack of critical thinking – substituting teaching for name-calling and emotionalism. Most recently, many professors have been taking the side of the “innocent” civilian-targeting, suicide-bombing Palestinians and embracing their anti-Semitism.

But now educators have gone too far. I’m mad as hell about it, and I’m not going to take it anymore!

Some liberal elementary and middle school teachers in Maine are insulting, embarrassing and humiliating kids in their classrooms because their parents are in the military and going to the Middle East to face down Saddam.

Major Peter Rogers of the Maine Army National Guard quoted several military parents as saying their kids were told “the pending war in Iraq is unethical” and “anybody who would fight that war is also unethical.”

Good move. Call their parents murderers. Tell them their parents will kill and laugh about it later. Tell students mommy and daddy are evil.

These kids aren’t going to see some of their parents for a while, and – in some cases – family members won’t ever walk in the front door again. Thanks for compounding an already somber time with left-wing hate speech aimed at elementary students. Did these teachers think they were drumming enlightened knowledge into those kids’ little heads?

Charles Haynes of the Freedom Forum says he’s received dozens of e-mails and calls from parents who say students are only being taught about one side of the Iraq situation. “Often,” Haynes said, “it is a misunderstanding of what the teacher is trying to do. But it’s also the case that some teachers have a political agenda they can’t keep out of the classroom, and that they must do.”

Maine Education Commissioner Duke Albanese said he was “disappointed,” and he issued a memo states that some teachers were “less than sensitive to children of military families regarding our continued strained relations with Iraq.”

Disappointed? Less than sensitive? How lame!

If I were education commissioner, I would’ve found out who those teachers were and fired them. Yes, I’d be taking the chance that I’d be sued for violating their First Amendment rights. However, if it’s going to be “for the children,” then you need to go all the way.

They’d say “freedom of speech.” I’d say “child abuse” and “abuse of authority.” Let’s see who’d win.

Liberals never required Bill Clinton to get the repeated divine approval of the United Nations when he took military action in Somalia, Bosnia, Haiti and Iraq.

As usual, it’s all comes down to liberal hatred of George W. Bush. They call him stupid, a moron, a cowboy, a frat boy, a murderer, a terrorist, a Nazi and an illegitimate president – and that’s before they take to the streets to protest.

Ever notice that, in the media, liberals almost always outnumber conservatives two or three to one on those talking head political shows? Ever notice that, on college campuses, liberal lecturers can stand up behind a podium all day and say what they want unchallenged, but a conservative speaker suddenly makes it a school’s duty to provide an alternative thesis?

Now we have grown liberal adults picking on second graders.

That’s because their arguments are weak and intellectually lazy, and it’s easier to shout down a little kid who knows a little Saddam trivia.

My father taught kindergarten through college, so I have respect for the profession. But I have sheer contempt for the cowards who think humiliating elementary school students is somehow politically orgasmic.

For the sake of the kids, I hope they grow up.

(Bob Parks is a member of the Project 21 National Advisory Council and a former congressional candidate, Navy veteran and graphic designer. Comments can be sent to [email protected].)

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