Homosexual School More About Social Policy Than Socialization, by Mychal Massie

New York City now has a high school exclusively for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender children, an expansion of a two-classroom alternative school that has operated for years. Its principal claims, “This school will be a model for the country, and possibly for the world.”

I consider it an egregious example of social engineering. Most children, at one time or another, question or are confused about their sexuality. It’s not abnormal. When an agenda-driven group seizes upon adolescent confusion to engineer it into something it’s not, I think it’s criminal. It is a draconian plot to create a cadre of extremists with one goal in mind – countermanding society as we know it. This is the time-tested methodology of despots since Hitler.

I will go on record saying that – with very, very rare exceptions – there isn’t a parent alive who longingly dreams their little boy or girl will grow up to be homosexual. My postulations have nothing to with homophobia, exogamy or xenophobia. They have nothing to do with my convictions of faith. They do have everything to do with being a parent and common logic.

One need not be a child psychologist to support my position. Honest parents will look at their children and weigh in balance their hopes, dreams and aspirations for them. I firmly believe their desires are those to which I’ve already eluded.

The question that begs an answer is, if the overwhelming majority of parents desire something for their child other than transgenderism, why is a city near financial insolvency spending $3.2 million of taxpayers’ money for renovations on a school that will cater to approximately 100 students?

Answer: Because it serves an agenda pushed by groups like the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network and various pro-homosexual youth-advocacy groups – in conjunction with their government allies.

This school’s principal asserts it “will be an academically rigorous school. It will not be a touchy-feely situation” (a Freudian slip, I’m sure).

But reasonable minds must logically echo what’s already been asked: “Is there a different way to teach homosexuals? Is there a homosexual math? How does one teach history from a transgender or lesbian perspective?”

It is an unfounded lie that teachers and students go out of their way to ridicule effeminate males or girls exhibiting masculine behavior. That’s not to say that children aren’t teased or bullied – but what child hasn’t been?

Also, logically speaking, if the Catholic Church was unable to protect altar boys from homosexual priests, how does one safeguard a supposedly homosexual student in an exclusively homosexual environment? Isn’t that a valid concern? What boundaries will protect the weaker children from sexual exploitation and/or assault by predatory schoolmates or teachers?

Oh, silly me. I forgot this is a question that only a bigoted homophobe would entertain. Such behavior only occurs in public schools. It would never happen in a school exclusively for homosexual, bisexual and transgendered children (sarcasm intended).

In the most definitive expose on the homosexual agenda and public schools, “Queering the Schools” in the Spring 2003 issue of City Journal, Marjorie King of the Manhattan Institute writes, “No compulsory public school system can be justified unless what it teaches is a worldview that the taxpayers who fund it can support. For schools to try to indoctrinate children in a radical, minority worldview like that promoted by [the homosexual and lesbian activists] and their allies – a vision that will form those children’s values and shape their sense of selfhood – is a kind of tyranny, one that in addition, intentionally drives a wedge between parents and children and, as queer theorist Michael Warner boasts, ‘opposes society itself.'”

What socially stigmatizes a child more: being called a sissy by a classmate or being the only child on the block to attend a school for homosexuals? Exclusive homosexual environments for children won’t be the equivalent of television sitcoms depicting homosexual families – which are designed to anesthetize us to the dark realities of the same.


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