Senator Kerry, Please Respond

At an Earth Day observance in 2003, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) pledged to make “environmental justice” a top priority of his administration should he be elected president in 2004…

Because there are diverse views on environmental justice that in practice can be both helpful and hurtful to minority communities as well as the economic prosperity of all Americans, the African-American leadership network Project 21 contacted Senator Kerry’s presidential campaign and his Senate office to ask him to define his intentions with regard to environmental justice enforcement. He was also offered help in further developing his position on this important environmental and economic issue affecting minorities and the poor.

Here’s what he told us:


After one year and several attempts, including formal letters to his office sent via FedEx, there has been no response of any kind from Senator Kerry or his staff.

In the interest of fairness, all the candidates for president were asked the same questions and offered the same assistance.

Here is what former senator Carol Moseley Braun (IL), retired General Wesley Clark, former governor Howard Dean (VT), Senator Bob Edwards (NC), Congressman Richard Gephardt (MO), Senator Bob Graham (FL), Congressman Dennis Kucinich (OH), Senator Joe Lieberman (CT) and the Reverend Al Sharpton had to say in response about their commitment to environmental justice:


Kerry’s fellow candidates for the Democratic nomination were equally silent.

We also asked the President of the United States. White House staff members told us by telephone…

For more, see a document just posted online by our Center for Environmental Justice, Our Leaders Speak… Sort Of.

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