It’s Not About Kerry-Edwards – It’s All About Beat Bush, by Murdock “Doc” Gibbs

One of the most amusing and interesting observations regarding the upcoming presidential election is that it pits the incumbent against the uninteresting.

Let’s face it. Where is the real groundswell of excitement, adoration and support for John Kerry and John Edwards? I believe Democrats are going to be voting Democratic regardless of the candidate. As uninteresting as Kerry is, it seems that Democrats will be walking lockstep to vote their party ticket whether it is Kerry or anyone else — as long as the nominee is leftist/liberal.

How else can you explain the ho-hum responses of most liberal blacks (a la the NAACP convention) to Kerry’s speeches or their deafening silence about the very obvious absence of prominent black people on the Kerry campaign? How else can one explain the pass they give this virtual billionaire owner of five mansions and a lot of other rich man’s toys as a true representative of the common man? How else can one explain the support of the pro-abortion lobby for Kerry even though, in his own words, he believes in life beginning at conception.

Go figure.

Since he doesn’t believe in gay marriage, how else can one explain Kerry’s coronation as having the most “gay friendly” presidential ticket in history? Kerry’s core beliefs don’t really matter. His reported flip-flops on controversial issues don’t really matter. He’s the Democrat, so everything else doesn’t seem to matter.

I believe that Democratic support for the Kerry-Edwards ticket is really an illusion. There’s not as much love for this ticket as there is animus and hatred for President George W. Bush. How else do you explain the scandalous and deeply partisan hit-piece that is Michael Moore’s “Farenheit 911” movie? It was shown at both the National Education Association and N.A.A.C.P. conventions.

It’s not about Kerry-Edwards. It’s all about Beat Bush. It’s all about Hate Bush. It’s all about slander, trash, ridicule, demean and destroy Bush. All Kerry has to do is shut up or, at best, say little and the votes will come. Let Whoopi Goldberg level the comedic, foul-mouthed below the belt blows. Let moviemaker Michael Moore create the doubt and suspicions about Bush, Cheney and the Iraq war. Let the Hollywood types spew their invectives and demonize Bush and his conservative supporters. All Kerry has to do is sit there, shut up, and the votes will come. Be uninteresting.

It seems like it is less important to the liberals that that their candidate articulate matters of substance than that his name is not George W. Bush.

What a dangerous way to select a president: Vote for one candidate because you so hate the other guy!


Murdock “Doc” Gibbs, a member of Project 21’s national advisory council, is an entertainer and freelance writer. Comments may be sent to [email protected].

Published July 2004 by The National Center for Public Policy Research. Reprints permitted provided source is credited. New Visions Commentaries reflect the views of their author, and not necessarily those of Project 21.

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