Some Post-Election Advice for Liberals, by Murdock “Doc” Gibbs

As I listen to the self-examination, recrimination and Monday morning quarterbacking among liberals over their sound defeat in Election 2004, I have a few suggestions. It’s not a guarantee for success, but at least they won’t be perceived as so out of step with the heartland.

Here are some things the liberals should do to reconnect with America:

* Stand for something that people can sink their teeth into. Something, that is besides “Conservatives are all wrong – we can do better.” Tell us how. And try not to sound so elitist when you tell us.

* Promote candidates who truly relate to the heartland and the South. A polite description of liberals right now might be “snobs.” To Southerners such as myself, it seems that “Y’all think y’all better than us.” And let me tell you, that donkey won’t fly.

* Need more black votes? Why not start by urging the pro-choice wing of your following to quit pushing for the abortion of so many black babies. It sometimes seems Planned Parenthood is as prevalent in urban black neighborhoods as drug stores. Black folk are giving them nearly 40 percent of their abortion business, and 78 percent of Planned Parenthood’s clinics are located in minority communities.

At the risk of losing some of the screaming feminists, consider becoming a party of life and not a party of death, selfishness and special interests. It you care for the “little people,” don’t let that exclude the little unborn babies – or, as in the case of partial-birth abortion, the pre-born. There’s a disconnect here that bothers people in the heartland.

* Remember that “G-O-D” is not a four-letter word. But, then again, the fact that it’s not might be why it’s not used by the most strident Bush critics and lampooners. At least try to sound like “God-fearing,” patriotic Americans.

Early in the 2004 primary season, a questioner at a Howard Dean townhall meeting decried the vicious, mean-spirited liberal campaign against the President, imploring Dean and the others to follow the biblical injunction to “love your neighbor.” Dean responded, “George Bush is not my neighbor.” Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) said much the same on Sean Hannity’s show when he insisted the President “is not my commander-in-chief.” Regular folks will not warm to a movement with such bitter sound bites.

* Give voters better heroes. When one thinks of family values, national security, tolerance and fair play, filmmaker Michael Moore does not come to mind. Or Whoopi Goldberg. Or Al Franken. Or a host of other addle-brained Hollywood types who mix their caustic humor with venomous and obscene references to the President.

* Accept defeat with class and stop acting like whiney brats.

Another thing, just MOVE ON!

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