Self-Destruction is a Choice, by Mychal Massie

America is in a downward spiral, plummeting toward destruction.

This cataclysm is not due to a depleting ozone layer, global warming, overpopulation, rising gas prices or any other silly doomsday arguments that are wheeled out on virtually a daily basis. Instead, this self-demise comes from our nation’s cultural choices.

Americans are increasingly embracing lies over the truth. We are cursing that which is good and applauding the patently false.

Consider the current hype over the movie “The Da Vinci Code.” Dan Brown’s best-selling novel, upon which the movie is based, attacks the basis of Christian beliefs. To their apparent delight, the cultural elite calls this work of fiction “pure genius” and a “masterpiece that should be mandatory reading.”

On the other hand, “The Passion of the Christ,” the 2005 movie about our Lord that is based on principle tenets established from over 2,000 years of Christendom is derided, its fans are called “absurd” and its director – Mel Gibson – is called “callous.”

This is but one example of people cursing the truth while embracing lies.

It seems to portend that the end is near when schoolchildren in America are taught that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality but they cannot wear T-shirts featuring Bible verses. Children can learn about condoms and exotic sexual practices but cannot distribute cards that celebrate the birth of Christ or draw religious images in art class. These things indicate that we as a nation are standing on the precipice of moral destruction.

America also teeters on the brink when our culture celebrates death. Abortion-on-demand and the legal justification for removing the means of life-support from those who might recover (and who have expressed a desire to do so) is barbarous. Encouraging euthanasia to people who should probably instead seek counseling is not the sign of a righteous nation.

The threats and perils that our Founding Fathers faced now seem to be embraced by those elected to represent us and those who instruct our children. In order to re-establish a more perfect union, it is vital that we not fall prey to the destructive policies to which our predecessors witnessed others succumb.

When criminal codes and statutes are willfully ignored or the methods of their enforcement are compromised, we risk collapsing into chaos and anarchy.

Many judges, for the most part, are forgetting their role. In doing so, they undermine the work of law enforcement. These jurists essentially aid and abet pedophiles and serial rapists by handing down sentences that are less severe than prescribed by law. And those we elect appear willing to find ways to circumvent and subvert our laws for their personal gain.

Laws established to protect our society are being disregarded in ways that assist the criminal element. One need not look further than the demands of illegal aliens for special routes to accommodation and citizenship and the support that they are enjoying from the White House and Congress.

We have a duty to the present and to whatever future may remain. Those of us who are not willing to accommodate this erosion of order and the rule of law upon which our nation was founded must make a stand. People must be reminded of that which our forefathers held dear. Those who don’t know or have forgotten need to know learn these truths.

This is not an easy task. Those intent on keeping our culture on its current destructive course are willing for fight. Therefore, those who want to preserve the truths of our predecessors must raise a righteous army.

In accomplishing this task, some sage advice must be remembered: We don’t need to know how much time is left – we need to use whatever is left wisely.

# # #

Mychal Massie is chairman of the National Advisory Council of the black leadership network Project 21 and a syndicated radio host and columnist. Comments may be sent to [email protected].

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