Project 21’s Nedd Makes His Faith Known – In Really Big Letters

From David Almasi:

Congratulations to Project 21 member Bishop Council Nedd II for pushing back against the atheist assault on faith in Pennslyvania.

Bishop Nedd, who serves the Diocese of the Chesapeake and Northeast of the Episcopal Missionary Church, is also the chairman of In God We Trust, an organization dedicated to promoting religious values and freedoms. Before Christmas, the atheist Freedom From Religion Foundation rented a billboard on U.S. 30 West in Chambersburg that read “Imagine No Religion.” In February, In God We Trust rented a billboard of its own just down the street that asks: “Why Do Atheists Hate America?” and features a photo of a child saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

“We found out about it, so we figured we would respond,” Nedd told the Chambersburg Public Opinion. “We want to provide a counter balance and draw attention to the issues. This is a national campaign and we want to spark debate. We also feel very strongly about the issue.”

Nedd’s billboard will rotate among various locations in the Chambersburg area over the next six months and may eventually go national. The atheist billboard was taken down at about the same time as Nedd’s went up, and it now reads: “In God We Trust: Kegerreis Outdoor Advertising LLC. The previous sign posted at this location does not reflect the values or morals of our company. Thank you.”

To see the entire Chambersburg Public Opinion article about the billboards, click here.

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