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According to a new poll by Rasmussen Reports, 65 percent in Alabama support offshore drilling in spite of what they have gone through due to the oil spill; 59 percent support deepwater drilling:

Though the Alabama coast was directly affected by the massive oil leak in Gulf of Mexico, voters in the state still strongly support offshore and deepwater oil drilling.

A new Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey shows that 65% of Likely Voters in Alabama believe offshore oil drilling should be allowed. Only 14% oppose offshore drilling, while 21% more are not sure.

Support for offshore drilling is higher in Alabama than it is on the national level, despite the fact that Governor Bob Riley declared a statewide emergency just after the rig explosion occurred.

Fifty-nine percent (59%) in Alabama support deepwater oil drilling, which is also higher than the national average. One-in-five voters (21%) are against this type of oil drilling, and another 20% are undecided.

Alabama does not depend as heavily on oil industry jobs as Gulf Coast neighbors like Louisiana and Texas but does a sizable amount of business through the port of Mobile. BP is now hiring thousands of unemployed people in these states to help with the cleanup.

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