Deneen Borelli to Appear on Fox & Friends Thursday at 6:20 AM EDT

Project 21 Senior Fellow Deneen Borelli will be a guest on Fox & Friends on FNC on Thursday, August 18 at 6:20 AM EDT.

For Deneen fans, we have posted below some video from Deneen’s appearances on Fox this past weekend.

On August 13, discussing a Long Island school district’s decision to install surveillance cameras in classrooms and throughout their facilities:

On August 14, discussing whether the curfew recently implemented in some parts of downtown Philadelphia is prejudicial and taking a look at a recent court judgment regarding an atheistic group’s ads on public buses:

On August 14, debating the merits of both a publicly-funded study on improving children’s reading skills by reading to dogs and the Barefoot Bandit’s $1.3 million movie deal:


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