Project 21 Awaits ObamaCare Debut

For ObamaCare, it’s about time for the rubber to really hit the road.  And things don’t look promising to the membership of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network.

Unless, of course, the hope is that President Obama’s signature plan to try to take over America’s health care system crashes down upon itself before too many innocent Americans are hurt.

Coverage for enrollees is supposed to kick in on January 1.  However, for those who enrolled in Oregon, the fears of many applicants and observers that a lack of confirmation on the part of the exchanges may lead to people across America being left uncovered and ignorant of that fact became realized in a robocall.  Covered Oregon called applicants on Friday, December 20 to warn them that they should make plans to find immediate coverage elsewhere if they don’t hear anything from the government by the following Monday.  That would mean there was a problem in that coverage they so diligently enrolled for.  Oopsie.

This new fear added to the fears of others who were still having trouble enrolling in the first place.  The Obama Administration once again took the law into its own hands, extending its enrollment deadline by another day to Christmas Eve.  There’s no word yet on how many people Santa encountered still waiting in the ObamaCare queue while on his appointed rounds early on the 25th.

And, in a bizarre move that seems effective only in poking fun at the masses, Obama himself added to the enrollment chaos by allegedly signing up for a bronze plan on the D.C. Health Link exchange.  While it may seem odd that a family man of means such as Obama would sign up for the lowest-tier of the ObamaCare regime, he has absolutely no reason to fear high deductibles and premiums as he and his wife and kids will never have to use it – they will continue to get the best coverage and treatment of likely any American through the U.S. military as presidents always do.

In the days and weeks ahead, people will be learning a whole lot about what came in that bill that most lawmakers never read.  And most of these discoveries are likely going to be unhappy ones.

P21ChristopherArpsProject 21 member Christopher Arps wonders about the disconnect between the deceptive practices of this White House and its continued support among the radical fringe.  On one hand, the left remains angry toward Obama’s predecessor and Bush’s justification for launching portions of the Global War on Terrorism.  Yet, when the Obama Administration is caught misleading the public when it comes to the administration of government-run health care, the claims of lies and obfuscation from the left are virtually nonexistent.  Arps said:



If health care “experts” knew people were going to be losing their plans because of ObamaCare, you know darn well the Obama Administration was also aware of the problem!

As David Nather pointed out in Policito, cancelled individual health plans were no surprise to those who understood how ObamaCare operated.  In fact, he said, “the new rules for health insurance prices create winners and loser.”  Yet Obama sold it to the American people as a winning prospect for all.

Some people cried bloody murder that President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Secretary of State Powell “lied” us into a war in Iraq.  But they now seem to excuse this president’s lying about someone so personal as your health care.

P21DrElainaGeorgeThis concern about a new and precipitous rift between coverage and quality in medical services under ObamaCare has long been a focus of Project 21 member Dr. Elaina George, an award-winning otolaryngologist.  In a recent blog post, Dr. George wrote:

It is no longer about the content of one’s character.  It is all about winning at all costs.

How else can the blind and dogged devotion of progressives to ObamaCare be explained at this point in time…

Cheerleaders of this ghoulish system apparently think it’s okay for people to die from a lack of access due to high costs or a denial of medical services deemed to be either medically unnecessary, experimental or simply too expensive.  The real human costs are distilled down to statistical talking points because it is more important to be on the winning team no matter the consequences.

For those who still believe in ObamaCare after all of this, it brings a whole new meaning to the notion of taking one for the team.

P21StacyWashingtonNonetheless, at least one Project 21 member is seeing the current state of affairs with hope.  Stacy Washington thinks that the very obvious cracks on the ObamaCare plan may lead to its quick demise.  She said:

I cannot stomach listening to President Obama lie about ObamaCare.

But he’s apparently eliminated the individual mandate for the more than six million Americans who had their insurance plans cancelled as a result of his agenda.  At least for now.

He’s on a roll!

Every couple of weeks, he dismantles ObamaCare a little more.  By the summer, it should be completely gone!

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