Three Project 21 Members Talk Ferguson on Three Segments of “Rick Amato Show”

There was somewhat of a takeover of “The Rick Amato Show” on the One America News Network.  Not one, not two, but THREE members of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network appeared on 8/20/14 edition of the program.

Project 21 member Archbishop Council Nedd II spoke about the problems associated with the politicization of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the obvious pandering by some to base emotions that are rooted in race.  In criticizing the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who rushed to Ferguson and the multitude of media there, Council said:

They’re playing politics rather than saying, “you know what, let’s call for prayer.”…

You know, at this time — more than any other time — people need to be praying together and praying for the same thing… for peace, for unity and for cooler heads to prevail.  And nobody’s doing that.

In further criticizing politicians who are also inserting themselves into the tense situation, Council added that they are making the problem worse because “rather than standing up for what’s right, they stand up for what’s politically expedient.”

During his segment, Project 21 member Michael Dozier was praised by host Rick Amato as a “well-grounded” messenger of “common sense” who is the perfect representative of what Amato called “the silent majority.”

Michael was critical of Attorney General Eric Holder for inserting himself into the controversy in Ferguson.  He noted that the optics of Holder showing so much concern there when there are multiple active cases around the country that are similar in nature but have different racial demographics can be seen as unfair treatment and can also be considered “a black eye for civil rights.”

In pointing out that there is a lack of apparent concern for heinous crimes that don’t present political opportunity or garner national media coverage that still pose a grave threat to black America, Michael said: “Now imagine if the mainstream media, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton focused more on the blacks kids [who] are killing themselves in the inner city… What about them?”

Later, on the “Grassroots Citizen Panel,” Project 21 member Kevin Martin joined Amato, political analyst T.J. O’Hara and talk radio host C.S. Keys to talk about issues ranging from the murder of journalist James Foley at the hands of ISIS terrorists to rioting in Ferguson.

Kevin criticized our unprotected border and the intent of ISIS to being their radical jihad to America.  He warned of a potential lack of comprehension of this threat by the Obama Administration when he said about ISIS: “They are al Qaeda on steroids.  And the President once called them the [junior varsity] team?  These guys have made it to the playoffs!”

Discussing the nationalization of the Ferguson protesters as radicals pour in from across America to loot and recruit, Kevin said “these people are coming from there for the express purpose of getting themselves on the news and causing anarchy.”


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