Obama’s Amnesty Plan Incremental, True to Leftist Strategy

Bottom line: Project 21 member Derryck Green said, “I don’t believe the President” when it comes to Obama’s assurances that his executive action on immigration is not amnesty.

In an interview with Blaze TV host Dana Loesch on her eponymously named “Dana” program on 11/20/14 – just hours before the Obama’s address to the nation – Derryck laid out how he saw the President’s strategy and how he thinks the President’s critics should respond.

Derryck took the President at his word, but did so while revealing the doublespeak:

Obviously, it’s not amnesty – but it’s the first step toward amnesty.  The President knows specifically what he’s doing, and that’s why he’s doing it now [after the election]… Obviously, if this was going to benefit the American people, he would have been out there talking about it.  People would have been campaigning on it.  But no one said a word until now…

It’s a cynical ploy by the President to do it and not wait for the incoming Congress because the President has a particular ideological vision for the country and he wants to implement that.

And part of that is a step toward amnesty.

Why doesn’t Derryck think that Obama wants to seem “all in” right away?  “Everything left does is incremental,” Derryck warned.

As for the future, Derryck also warned Obama’s immigration strategy is likely just the beginning:

[It’s] a clear indication on what the last two years of this presidency is going to look like.  And I think that Republicans and conservatives have to take that into consideration and start crafting messages – not falling into these political provocations that the President is trying to set for them.

Derryck suggested conservatives in control of Congress make Obama put his money where his mouth is by sending him a reform bill as soon as possible.  Give Obama a bill that truly helps fix the problems with America’s immigration system and make the President seriously consider the issue rather than just waging political warfare.

But Derryck said this will take a lot of political gumption from some members of Congress.  To stand up to Obama, timid lawmakers need to find a “fire in the gut” and eschew the “go along to get along” mentality that grips too many professional politicians.

Not only will this help rein in a president who seems to believe he’s akin to an emperor, but it will also help to end the chronic contempt that the public has toward Congress.

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