Illegal Immigration Has Black Americans “Struggling for Our Very Lives”

With access to jobs, housing, education and health care all at risk for black Americans because of the influx of illegal immigrants into the United States, Project 21 member Ted Hayes said blacks are “struggling for our very lives.”  As an advocate for the homeless in Los Angeles, Ted explained that he sees this struggle on a regular basis.

Describing the hardships he has seen in the black community when illegal immigrants are willing to price themselves below their prospective black counterparts and thus beat them out for jobs, Ted said:

[F]or people to be brought into this country to undercut our ability to improve ourselves is… it’s immoral…

We’re not struggling for a better lifestyle, we’re struggling for our very lives.  These folks — I know it’s hard in Mexico, but they’re seeking a better lifestyle.  And their lifestyle is literally taking the life out of us.

In a panel discussion with Cesar Luna of the group Border Angels on the 1/29/15 edition of “The Rick Amato Show” on the One American News Network, Ted took particular offense when Luna — citing alleged comments by well-known black radical Angela Davis — suggested the plight of black Americans and illegal immigrants are similar in nature.

Luna began to tell host Rick Amato, “We share the same struggle…,” but Ted broke into the exchange and quickly retorted:

No we do not!…

You guys think that Angela Davis and the Congressional Black Caucus speak for all of us.  No, they don’t…

How did we come here?  How did so-called black people — how did we come to this country?… Let me tell you how we came here.  We came here unwillingly.  We were brought here as slaves.

Your folks came here willingly.  You cannot compare border invasion and occupation of a land to chattel slavery.  That’s like comparing your struggle to the Holocaust.  You can’t do that!

This is Ted’s second appearance on Amato’s program representing the Project 21 black leadership network over just the past few days. Amato interviewed Ted one-on-one on 1/22/15 about his feeling that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have “agitated” problems related to race relations and how Ted wants to help “rediagnose” America’s remaining civil rights problems.

In this wide-ranging interview, Ted talked about everything from the history of the African slave trade to motivations for the recent unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.

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