Project 21’s LeBon Defends Voter ID, Decries Big Government Abuses on MSNBC

Appearing last week on MSNBC, Project 21 Co-Chairman Cherylyn Harley LeBon boldly spoke out in favor of laws that are protecting the integrity of the American voter from potential fraud, saying: “I’m a black leader.  I’m in favor of voter ID.  I don’t really care what the other black leaders are saying.”

A guest of uber-liberal host Chris Matthews on the 3/6/15 edition of “Hardball,” Cherylyn defended the need for common sense procedures such as voter ID that safeguard the identity of legal voters.  Beating back the tired racial rhetoric of Matthews and his other guests, Cherylyn explained:

Voter ID laws, in fact, have been proven to increase black voter participation — as they did in the state of Georgia… In the state of Georgia, black voter participation increased after they passed the state voter ID law… People do have photo IDs.  How do you think you can get any form of government assistance?  How are people flying on planes?

Later, while discussing the newly-released U.S. Department of Justice report alleging racial discrimination in the Ferguson Police Department, Cherylyn pointed out that the system of preying upon local residents with pernicious fines and harsh punishment for not paying those fines is the sign of an overbearing government obsessed with finding new sources of spending money.  And this is a problem not just isolated to the suburbs of St. Louis.

Cherylyn said:

This is not just happening in Ferguson.  This is happening in a number of communities across the country where there are black leaders… These cities want revenue… Why can’t these mayors come up with other ways of increasing revenue?

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