Baltimore Police Officer Acquittal in Freddie Gray Case Applauded by Black Conservatives

Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Criticized Harshly for Acting “More Like an Activist Than an Advocate for Justice”

“Mosby Has Mishandled This Entire Affair and Should Admit That and End It Now”

“The Judge Should Throw Out All of the Remaining Charges Against the Three Officers Who Nervously Await Their Fate”

“The Rush to Judgment Has Been Overruled by Common Sense”

Washington, D.C. – Leaders of the Project 21 black leadership network are applauding the acquittal of Baltimore Police Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr. in the third trial in the infamous “Freddie Gray” case that sparked extensive riots in Baltimore in 2015.

This acquittal is considered to be especially significant as Officer Goodson, the driver of the van in which Freddie Gray was driven, faced the harshest charges of the six officers charged. Three officers have now been acquitted at trial with three more trials pending.

joehicks_sm“Today, Marilyn Mosby, the disgraceful prosecutor in the trial of Baltimore police officer Caesar Goodson, was handed the legal defeat she so rightly deserved,” said Joe R. Hicks, political commentator and Project 21 member who has repeatedly appeared on the Fox News Channel and other venues to discuss this case for Project 21.

“This ideologically-driven Maryland state prosecutor is now zero-for-three in her attempts to act out her transparently leftist agenda. Frankly, there simply is no criminal case here that deserved pursuing, and any further prosecution of the three remaining officers who have been placed in Mosby’s legal crosshairs should be ended. Freddie Gray was a small-time street criminal who was well-known to the Baltimore police when he inexplicably ran from them, was apprehended carrying an illegal weapon, and was arrested. How this man, who unfortunately died due to an accident during custody, has been elevated to the status of a civil rights figure by activists and Marilyn Mosby is significant: The black left has a very low bar in its attempts to label every encounter of black criminals and thugs as a matter of ‘racism’ and/or ‘civil rights.’ Desperate in her need to deliver convictions to the mob, the prosecutor acted more like an activist than an advocate for justice and ignored evidence all the while conniving and maneuvering to prosecute six officers of the law who did no wrong. The judge should throw out all of the remaining charges against the three officers who nervously await their fate. This is a travesty. Marilyn Mosby should be booted from office,” Hicks concluded.

Two of Hicks’ many appearances on the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore – in these examples, from Fox News’ The Kelly File – can be viewed online here and here.

cooper_sm“Marilyn Mosby is now 0-3. Her rush to judgment in this case has now been shown to be an unwarranted overreach and an abuse of power. The prosecutor has an awesome responsibility to the community, to the legal system and the accused. She has mishandled this entire affair and should admit that and end it now,” said Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper, an attorney, constitutional law commentator and former member of the faculty at the George Mason University School of Law.

“A criminal trial is not a fact-finding endeavor nor is it a palliative for a dispossessed community. A prosecutor must be firmly convinced that the accused did engage in a criminal act before proceeding. Today’s outcome reveals just how far from that standard Ms. Mosby has departed. She should know better,” Cooper concluded.

Cooper is a veteran of many hundreds of interviews on related subjects, including appearances on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor and the Sean Hannity Show.

mcclendon_smProject 21’s Emery McClendon, a Tea Party organizer, echoed these sentiments, saying, “It was good to see that the Judge acted according to the evidence and the rule of law and acquitted this police officer. The rush to judgment has been overruled by common sense and a good ruling.”

McClendon can be seen on NewsMax TV here discussing a rally he organized to rebut the agendas of Black Lives Matter and Al Sharpton.

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