Project 21’s Cooper Likens Race-Obsessed Royal Wedding Hysteria to Segregation Era

On the Fox News Channel program “The Ingraham Angle,” Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper criticized the “weird fixation” liebrals have with the biracial ethnicity of actress Meghan Markle – the American actress engaged to be married to Britain’s Price Harry.

“I can’t understand a racial fixation,” Horace noted about mostly social media comments related to the just-announced royal wedding. “And that’s just what we’re seeing… This is a throwback to the same mindset that drove segregation by saying the primary thing about a person is their race.”

Host Laura Ingraham pointed out that Markle will be the second black royal in Europe – following Princess Angela of Liechtenstein, who joined that royal family in 2000.  Ingraham suggested bigger issues that might have led the House of Windsor to try to derail any wedding include Markle’s previous marriage and her Catholic upbringing.

While SiriusXM host Clay Cane, a liberal, repeatedly suggested the racial aspect of the wedding is an important issue for the British and downplayed suggestions of a post-racial mindset in America, Horace said “it’s not relevant.  And it’s actually pretty sad and pitiful.”

Ascribing the current obsession as an unfortunate throwback to a 1950s mentality that fixated on one’s race, Horace charged “progressives brought it back.”

Watch it below.

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