Liberal Bad Faith Imperils Black Progress as Race Card Politics Derail DACA Deal

Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper appeared on the January 12 edition of “The Ingraham Angle” on the Fox News Channel, lambasting liberals for lacking “strong perspectives” on policy. As a result, they are stoking fear through a race-driven political strategy that ignores initiatives benefiting the black community.

In her opening monologue, host Laura Ingraham cited lower unemployment and rising paychecks for black Americans under President Donald Trump despite liberal claims he is a racist bent on making them miserable.

Dispelling the notion that the President – due to his alleged comment about countries with high immigration numbers being “s—holes” – hurt negotiations between the White House and Congress on an agreement for retaining aspects of President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, Ingraham said:

[T]hey had zero intention of negotiating in good faith because, somehow, they thought they could guilt the President into siding with them. But I guess they don’t really know him very well, do they? They are out of ideas. And they have no solutions. The race card is the only one they have left to play.

Horace, joined on the show’s opening panel by liberal talk radio host Garland Nixon and Fox contributor Kevin Jackson, had the first word.  He said:

FDR famously said that all we have to fear is fear itself. The new Democrats? All they have to offer is race itself. Every single opportunity to turn the conversation from the facts, the logic and the merits go to race. It means they’re lazy. It means they’re not serious. It means they don’t have strong perspectives to the table.

Later in the segment, speaking directly to the issue of black progress under President Trump’s stewardship, Horace added:

This is the most curious form of racism I’ve ever seen. You work so that – over the last 12 months – black Americans are actually getting employed at a higher rate than any other group. The gap between blacks and whites is lower than it’s ever been. That means relative growth has been good for people – but, for black people, it’s been even better. We set a record in June. We set a record in September. We set another record in January.

As if to make Horace’s point, Nixon laughed nervously as Horace stated these facts. In his remarks, Nixon began by making the ludicrous claim that Trump had converted the Republican Party to the party of white nationalists David Duke and Richard Spencer. He later tried to brush off Horace’s recounting how liberal President Lyndon Baines Johnson was known to call the Civil Rights Act “the n-word bill” and that he considered his appointment of Justice Thurgood Marshall as putting “a n-word to the Court.”

Nixon also tried to pass those off as so long ago they apparently absolved liberals due to so racial statute of limitations. Both Horace and Jackson assured Nixon and Ingraham a conservative would never be allowed to get away with such abhorrent behavior so easily.

Watch the entire clip below.

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