“Chickenhawk” Past Betrays Liberals’ Newfound Russian Concerns

“60 years,” Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper declared. “The left has been on the wrong side – siding with Moscow against the interests of Americans. 60 years!”

Discussing allegations of Russian interference in American affairs – an albatross liberals and their allies in the media constantly want to hang on the White House – Horace pointed out to attorney Leo Terrell and guest host former U.S. Representative Jason Chaffetz on the Fox News Channel program “The Ingraham Angle” that liberals are likely putting on a show when they act combative about Moscow:

There’s not concerned about America’s national security the way they’d have you believe it.

Horace, a former aide to the congressional leadership and longtime DC political observer, referred to liberals who now crow about Russian threats as “chickenhawks”:

Look at what they did over my lifetime. I started working in Washington, DC, and I watched an organization called the American Security Council. They used to rate the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, like Dick Durbin, like Chuck Schumer. All the way to the present – what we saw was every chance it came to protect America from Moscow, they were on the other side. They were cutting side deals. Kennedy talking over with the Russian government and their leaders.

All the way to the present. After George W. Bush reaches an agreement with Eastern European countries about an anti-ballistic missile program, what do they do? They ended it.

It’s a legacy that may have begun decades ago, but Horace pointed out that that liberals are still – even during their criticism of the Trump Administration’s stance toward Russia – taking positions that are friendly to the Russian agenda:

When Moscow invented – out of whole cloth – the international peace movement that took over Europe with their funding, where was the left? When Moscow said that it was a farce that the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, would put up a Strategic Defense Initiative, where were the progressives? They were with Moscow.

You come all the way to today – 2017 – when we had the President’s budget on defense. Where were the progressives? They did not support it.

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