Politicized Superhero “Social Justice League” is Kryptonite to Fans

Holy Fan Alienation, Batman!

The Marvel and DC comic book empires are scoring big at the box office and on television. Comic book sales are another story. While there’s a big draw for Robert Downey, Jr.’s swaggering portrayal of the playboy industrialist Iron Man on the big screen, true believers aren’t as excited about Ironheart – the 15-year-old black girl who has taken his place in the comic book pages. They also aren’t happy about an overall heavy LGBTQ influence on comic book titles and storylines. It’s putting the industry’s profits at risk.

Project 21 member Stone Washington explained all of this in a recent Daily Caller commentary.  He wrote:

Superheroes once cherished for their classic appearance and style are being remodeled to promote a liberal agenda. They now echo social justice themes and advocate for causes such as LGBTQ rights.

While the lucrative movies stay relatively true to origin stories, there are now comic book franchises (and many heroes and villains have multiple storylines) that are not faring so well with fans and comic book Stonsellers. Some of the radical changes to the superhero universe are a failed female Thor, bisexual Batman villains and a lesbian Batgirl. There’s even a new transgender hero named Dreamer who will be on the “Supergirl” television show this fall.

To fans, this is about as welcome the “Howard the Duck” movie. As Stone noted:

This obsessive push for LGBTQ characters distorts the original history of Marvel and DC characters, whose traditional morals and identities were a constant for decades. This radical shift risks losing more fans and their money…

This backlash clearly shows how the perversion of comic book characters to promote a progressive agenda is not only morally unethical, but altogether bad business for the comic book industry.

In fact, as Stone noted, all of the Marvel titles – including ones involving very popular heroes such as Black Panther and Deadpool – that were singled out for praise by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation have now been suspended from publication.

Stone advised:

The comic book industry has a clear problem: it is forsaking its moralistic origins to advance a radicalized progressive social justice paradigm. Marvel and DC are setting themselves up to lose more money and readership because of a growing backlash to the ongoing trend of distorting and perverting the identities of iconic superheroes.

To read Stone’s Daily Caller commentary in its entirety, click here.

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