Kavanaugh Critics Cripple Equality Crusade

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, are scheduled to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow about her allegations against him over sexual assault that may have occurred over 30 years ago. A committee vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination could then come as early as Friday.

From the halls of the Capitol to nearby restaurants to entertainment media, there is intense pressure to believe those who say they’ve been abused. In this case, there is great ire toward those who point out problems with Ford’s claims or allege they may even be outright lies told to keep Kavanaugh off the Court.

What doesn’t square with Project 21 member Eddie Huff is how those who support Ford and other alleged survivors are essentially asking for unequal treatment and being championed by those who otherwise demand gender equality:

I think people are missing the big picture here in the Kavanaugh debate. For all of those women who are asking men to “man up” and believe women, I say: “I thought you were equal to men.”

Why does a woman deserve to be believed or protected above a man if she is equal? Can she not defend herself? 

Is she weaker than a man? If so, then you agree with me, and women are weaker and need a man or men to protect them.

You need to make up your minds. You cannot have it both ways. Are women equal to men in all things except when it’s to their advantage to be seen as poor, helpless and defenseless against the “mean old man” – then they are not equal?

Come on, people. Wake up.

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