Case Of Unvaccinated Boy Gives Good Reason To Get Immunizations, by Jerome Danner

Although vaccinations are (and have been) commonplace in society for decades now, there is still a healthy debate over their necessity or if they are detrimental to children. The arguments typically come from those persons in the anti-vaccine movement regardless that research has shown vaccinations have overwhelmingly been a benefit.

Jerome Danner

Jerome Danner

For most individuals who have been blessed with children, they can attest to the fact that any doctor’s office visit for a child not only includes measurements of their body, but “shots” given by healthcare professionals in addition to being checked out. Obviously, it is to check the child’s growth to be certain that they are developing in a healthy manner. Therefore, the vaccinations have proven to be a necessary addition to a kid’s “well-child visit” because there has been data that has shown that they do more than help keep a human healthy.

The prescribing of medicine (and the use of it) is based off of research. This is why those who practice it devote so much time to knowing the research, which is why the services of medical doctor are used, consequently.

It is highly unlikely that most people would follow a doctor’s instructions, allow them to poke them with any kind of a needle (among other things), and/or take any prescription that they give to us if we doubted they knew what they were talking about. They (the doctors) trust the research, then, we trust them and the vaccines, as long as we see it working.

Research is vital to how we are able to maintain something called “good health.” Without research, trustworthy and objective research, the existence of entities such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, is asinine.

For another example, a report came out about an unvaccinated boy that gives good reason for why every parent should be knowledgeable of the research in favor of vaccination if they are thinking of not having their child vaccinated.

In the report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the little boy, who contracted tetanus, would go on to spend more than a month in the hospital. Most of his time was spent in the intensive care unit battling all kinds of horrors from the disease, which could have been avoided by taking a vaccination.

Then, after having to spend an unbearable time watching their child in pain, the parents had to experience the pain of seeing the hospital costs of taking care of their child and keeping him alive. The report stated that the family left the facility with a bill of over $800,000. How long will they now have to deal with the consequences of not getting their son vaccinated? Unless they are rich, they are possibly going to be smacking themselves for the rest of their lives.

Again, they could have more than likely dodged all of the trials with their son catching this disease if he had just been vaccinated.


Jerome Dannera member of the Project 21 national advisory council, is a graduate of the University of West Georgia with a degree in anthropology. He currently works as a middle school teacher. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook for more of his thoughts and commentary. This was originally published by Western Free Press.

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