Impeachment Advocates – “They Chose Crazy”

Plumbing the depths of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” after impeachment efforts against the president failed in Congress, Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper said “the left is decapitating itself” politically. He called the acts of outright and outspoken hatred for the commander-in-chief “crazytown” antics that threaten to “marginalize” critics among the American people.

And Horace, who said he’s been in D.C. so long that he “cannot get outraged” anymore, had his limits tested during this panel discussion.

On the “News Views Hughes” program on RT America, Horace said of the left’s obsession with trying to find something to destroy the Trump presidency:

The fever has to break.

The other side – that has just decided they cannot tolerate and stand this president – are going to have to just internalize these feelings. If they cannot do that, they are going to marginalize themselves politically.

Discussing the choice of impeachment over censure or another option that congressional liberals could have used to try to punish President Trump, fellow panelist Robert Patillo insisted “they had to do this” to reestablish the power dynamic among the branches of government. But comparing it to the failed impeachment effort against President Bill Clinton, Horace pointed out:

We already saw what happened in 1998. And, in this particular case, there were many other options open to leaders in Congress. They could have, for instance, said no appropriations for two-thirds or more of all White House staff. They could have put limits on the use of Air Force One. They had a number of ways to express themselves other than crazy – but they chose crazy.

When Horace noted that censure – which would not have removed President Trump from office – might have nonetheless been a successful and politically damaging path for congressional liberals, fellow panelist Tobin Sutton, who noted he didn’t always agree with Horace, said, “on this, you’re right on.”

Earlier in the segment, Sutton also complimented Horace by saying, “you do a very good preaching, sir!”

Comparing the actions of President Trump to President Clinton, the latter of whom was impeached related to his marital infidelity with a White House intern, Patillo asked about Clinton’s actions: “Was that done in a public statement, in a public forum?”

An incredulous Horace responded: “I paid for that space. You paid for that space. [Sutton] paid for that space. Any CEO would have been run out of town for that.”

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