Biden’s Border Crisis is “Inhumane” and “Ridiculous”

Despite the Biden Administration’s unwillingness to call it a crisis, Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington is not about to let it off the hook for the mess it has created all across the American southwest:

What about the border?

We’re talking about 300 kids crossing a day. Moms all over the country – dads – anyone with a beating heart – should be very upset about what the Biden Administration is doing to them.

In a panel discussion on the Newsmax television show “Wake Up America,” Stacy scoffed at the Biden Administration’s use of the terminology “pent-up demand” for illegal aliens entering the United States. She made host Rob Finnerty laugh when she said that might describe her own interest in test-driving the new Ford Bronco.  But, she insisted, it does not fit the influx of migrants across the border:

People coming into the country illegally – that’s lawbreaking. We need to define those terms and keep our terms straight.

Stacy called the Biden Administration’s immigrant holding facilities “glorified sheds,” comparing them to what she has in her own backyard:

We keep garden supplies in them… and they call it a detention facility for high school students!

It’s inhumane. It’s ridiculous. And these kids shouldn’t be coming here by coyotes [at] $10,000 a head.

And while President Biden fumbles through his self-inflicted border crisis, American citizens are trying to find their way back to normal:

Meanwhile, we’re struggling just to get our kids back in school. We’re struggling just to have our borders reopened.

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