Biden Using Tragedy to Divide Americans

A shooting in Buffalo gave the Biden administration a chance to try to draw attention away from a declining economy, supply chain problems and the illegal immigration crisis. In perpetuating it, the president is willingly dividing the American people even further.

But that’s what the White House seems best at doing.

“Joe Biden is hoping that his failed policies will get ignored, and we can focus on racial division instead,” Project 21 Co-chairman Horace Cooper said on the Fox News Channel’s “Jesse Watters Primetime” program. “Sound criminal policy is the answer here.”

Fellow panelist Dana Loesch decried the White House’s immediate politicization of the deaths at an upstate New York grocery store, saying that Biden is “using these tragedies to impugn people’s characters.” She noted how this gun-related crime, and others like it, occur in areas where they should not:

Every single thing that they wanted, that they claim is going to prevent these tragedies, they had in place. So let’s talk about what’s not working. Their laws!

In explaining the failure of these laws, Horace explained that all liberals have to offer “is fear.” As Biden hurried to the scene of the crime to try to use the shock and sorrow against his political enemies, Horace criticized this destructive approach to governing:

He plans to divide us and tell us that the biggest problem that we face is that the person who lives in our neighborhood, the person who sits in an office corner next to us may in fact be a person who will threaten us or who might kill us.

I am asking myself a different question. What kind of accountability measures or messages are we sending to people who want to perpetuate these dangerous acts?

I’m told by the media that this person was insane – mentally unsound. Apparently, people who want to kill people are mentally unsound. Let me guess this: he drove 200 miles to get there, and he managed to stay on the right side of the road. He wasn’t so crazy that he drove in the wrong lane. Apparently, when it rains, he actually pulls out an umbrella. When he gets hungry, he eats.

He’s so insane that he shouldn’t be expected to be accountable.

Horace demanded that people be held responsible for their belligerent behavior:

I want to know when the governor of New York is going to announce that we must start holding people accountable, and that includes things like the death penalty.

I promise you – if you start grabbing these folks by the throat, hooking them up to the jumper cables and sending them home to meet their maker, they’ll be sane enough to figure out what to do!

“Amen,” Loesch interjected.

“Those who won’t will no longer be able to be in the midst of us,” Horace insisted.

At the same time that Biden was sprinting to Buffalo, gadfly attorney Benjamin Crump was already there – ingratiating himself with the families of the victims. In a 2021 commentary for American Greatness, Horace called Crump as one of the “racial justice profiteers” who “never shies away from an opportunity to divide.”

Host Jesse Watters said that America is better than Biden and Crump think:

This country has a lot of love for one another. And we’re more united than they want us to believe.

Don’t let people like Joe Biden tell you who or what America is – we know exactly who we are in our hearts.

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