Failed Policies Show “Gross Incompetence” of Biden Administration

Whether it’s response to crises or plans of their own design, the Biden administration cannot seem to do anything right. Yet the White House and its supporters are quick to try to shift blame elsewhere.

In a discussion on the “Fox News @ Night” program – as part of host Shannon Bream’s “Bream Team” pundit panel – Project 21 Co-chairman Horace Cooper and liberal commentator Richard Fowler were asked to comment on the announcement and subsequent retreat on a ministry of truth-style “Disinformation Governance Board.” A Washington Post report, published in the “Style” section, blamed the “paused” program’s misfire on – of course – conservative disinformation.

Horace made the case as to why the White House has only itself to blame:

This administration failed to explain why they were creating this agency. They failed to explain what this agency is going to be empowered to do. They’ve failed to explain its scope. But the problem here, as we’re just being told, is it’s right-wingers who have created a narrative.

The onus on government, whenever they create anything – whether it’s a new social program or government agency – they have the duty of explaining what it’s going to do, how much it’s gonna cost, what are its responsibilities. They failed abysmally here.

The second topic addressed the current baby formula shortage – a problem the White House initially downplayed. Now Biden is invoking the Defense Production Act to ramp up production at home and fly in formula from abroad. President Donald Trump was criticized for using the same law to build up COVID-related supplies such as masks and ventilators.

While Horace hoped this would help ease the strain on worried parents, he added that this is “yet another example of gross incompetence” on the part of the Biden administration:

When this problem was first brought to the administration’s attention – back at the beginning of the year – some action should have been taken. The Secretary of [Health and Human Services] should have been empowered. The Secretary of Agriculture should have been empowered to act affirmatively.

But that never happened:

Now, what we’re seeing is a blame game: oh, it’s not me, it’s the guy behind the tree.

I hope that we see some action soon, but we’ve already had two children hospitalized. How many more before they get this problem behind us?

Despite Horace’s previous comments, Fowler jumped right into trying to find blame elsewhere. He blamed the lack of manufacturers and presented an equity-rooted complaint about the cost of formula. Horace replied:

If any of that were true, why wouldn’t they have stated that… last summer.

And Bream fact-checked Fowler, noting that “people were warning” about the growing supply chain problems like Horace said – including for baby formula – months ago.

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