Author: Amy Ridenour

Stacy Washington

Black Conservatives Commemorate Juneteenth Emancipation Celebration

Press Release /
Project 21 Stresses Importance of Freedom and Forgiveness Washington, D.C. - In observance of "Juneteenth," the oldest and most popular commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States, members of the Project 21 black leadership network are urging ...
Joe Hicks at Oxford 2015

Joe Hicks, RIP /
On this Labor Day, a day dedicated to the achievements of American workers, David and I are remembering in particular the contribution of one worker: Joe Hicks, who until his untimely passing from unexpected surgical complications in Los Angeles last ...

The Sounds of Blackness or A False Narrative? /
This is a guest post by Emery McClendon of Project 21 The black community has a big problem. It mainly stems from a lack of teaching morals, values, personal responsibility, and a respect for God, country, and the family. All ...
Photo 2 Cooper

Department of Justice’s Report on Baltimore Police Ignores Importance of Keeping Neighborhoods Safe /
Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper has reviewed the U.S. Department of Justice's report on Baltimore policing, and he's not impressed: The report should have been subtitled, "criminal lives matter." Career criminals, who make up the overwhelming number of individuals encountered ...

The Republican Party Is About White Lives Making Black Lives Matter /
A guest post by Ted Hayes, Civil Rights & Homeless Activist for Project 21 Unlike the heritage of other United States citizens, whose white lives are a matter of willing immigration, black lives are of unwilling, chattel slavery. The agendas ...
Black Lives Matter... When They Can Be Exploited

Black Lives Matter… When They Can Be Exploited /
"Black lives [are] mattering, but only in a political context, when they can be exploited...," says Project 21's Joe Hicks, appearing with radio host Tommy "TJ" Sotomayor on Jamie Glazov's "The Glazov Gang." Do watch it all ...

Military, Police Defended by Project 21’s Horace Cooper on CNN’s HLN Dr. Drew Show /
Project 21's own Horace Cooper was on CNN's HLN (Headline News) Dr. Drew Show last night, defending both the U.S. military and our nation's police officers. Here's excerpts from the action from Horace's appearance last night, with guest host Roger ...

Project 21’s Joe Hicks Puts Black Lives Matter Under the Heat Lamp /
Project 21's Joe R. Hicks has been quoted extensively on TV and radio in recent days. Here's an example of an appearance that got a lot of attention - Joe on the Fox News Channel's The Kelly File on July ...

“President Obama Should Resign and Apologize to Law Enforcement,” Says Project 21’s Council Nedd /
Project 21's Council Nedd, a Pennsylvania State Constable and board member of the Fraternal Order of Constables, says President Obama is "responsible for fostering an environment in which war has openly been declared on America's law enforcement officials, and is ...
How to Avoid Poverty

How to Avoid Poverty /
I'm not sure which of our pieces referring to Black Lives Matter this gentleman read, but his advice is good regardless: Dear Sir, Having just read your piece over BLM as it pertains to the Ferguson case (I realize this ...

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