Co-Chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board

Cherylyn Harley LeBon is Co-Chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board. Cherylyn averages over 300 radio/television interviews and news article citations per year on behalf of Project 21.

Cherylyn is currently President and CEO of KLAR Strategies, LLC, a public affairs firm. She previously served as a political appointee in the George W. Bush Administration; as a spokesman at the Republican National Committee; and as Senior Counsel for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. She is a frequent guest on the FOX News Channel and national broadcast radio shows, and is a contributor to Townhall and Politicalistas. Follow her on Twitter @HarleyLeBon.

Sample of Public Appearances by Cherylyn Harley LeBon:

On MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Cherylyn defends voter ID and decries big government abuses (3/6/15)

On One America News Network’s “The Rick Amato Show,” Cherylyn discusses “free-range parenting” and government overreach (1/28/15)

On One America News Network’s “The Rick Amato Show,” Cherylyn says race-conscious policies in Buffalo, NY are putting the public at risk (1/14/15)

On the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Cherylyn laments that the protestors in Al Sharpton’s march could have been advocating policies that the black community desperately needs (12/13/14)

On One America News Network’s “The Rick Amato Show,” Cherylyn says the tone of the protests in Ferguson makes it hard for kids to learn the real lessons the situation can offer (11/19/14)

On One America News Network’s “The Rick Amato Show,” Cherylyn wonders why celebrities such as Emma Watson ignore the atrocities committed under sharia law when they complain about slights against women (9/25/14)

On Soul of the South’s “DC Breakdown with Angela Rae,” Cherylyn discusses the federal nutritional guidelines that are imposed on schools (9/4/14)

On One America News Network’s “The Rick Amato Show,” Cherylyn says current plans to put many of the illegal immigrant children now being held by the government into foster care is a strategy that is “ripe for abuse” (8/7/14)

On Soul of the South’s “D.C. Breakdown,” Cherylyn discusses black support for voter ID (6/17/14)

On RT Network’s “The Big Picture,” Cherylyn dispels misconceptions surrounding Hobby Lobby’s case against ObamaCare’s contraceptive mandate (3/20/14)

On Sean Hannity’s nationally-syndicated talk radio show, Cherylyn discusses the explosion of senseless violence in America and the Obama Administration’s inconsistent approach to incidents that appear to include a racial component (8/27/13)

On WMAL-DC, Cherylyn discusses the modern civil rights movement, racial violence and ObamaCare (8/24/13)

On the RT network, Cherylyn defends voter ID laws (2/26/13)

On Radio America, Cherylyn discusses voter ID laws (4/16/12)

On FOX News, Cherylyn comments on the “War on Women” (4/3/12)

Publications by Cherylyn Harley LeBon:

Common Core is Killing American Education (June 2014)

Despite Scare Stories, Fears About BPA are Unnecessary (April 2014)

Al Sharpton Sets Terrible Example By Hugging Vote Fraudster (April 2014)

Eating Locally and Fresh: Is It Possible on a Budget? (May 2013)

Bringing Voting Rights Law into the 21st Century (April 2013)

Colds, Flu, and the RSV Virus in Underserved Communities (February 2013)

Welcome to the Doctor’s Office — Your Papers Please (December 2012)

Chicago Teachers Should Have a Beef about LFTB Policy (October 2012)

EPA Regulations Take Peoples’ Breath Away (September 2012)

Pink Slime and Consumer Choice (May 2012)

IDs Needed to Take the SATs, But Not to Vote? (April 2012)

Liberal University Admissions Policies Cheat Students (March 2012)

Putting Students to the Test to Make Them Go Farther (February 2012)

Giving the SAT to the TSA (December 2011)

Mandated Testing Can Be a Mendacious Indicator (July 2011)

Save the Suds from Environmental Extremism (April 2011)

Our Taxpayer Dollars at Work Shrinking the Private Sector (November 2010)

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