Also known as “Cap Black” and “The Hood Conservative,” Project 21 member Nadra Enzi is an outspoken anti-crime activist based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

For over two decades, Enzi has been an ardent advocate for increased community involvement in the cause of public safety. Through speeches, appearances, writing, blogging and Internet video as well as the actual practice of walking the streets, Enzi says that community and personal safety are colorblind and commonsense issues.

Saying that “law-abiding folks have been conned into thinking we’re hostages who have to stay on our knees to street thugs and indifferent bureaucrats,” Enzi says that crime and strained race relations can be remedied by a “boots on the ground” approach to taking on burglars, bullies and crooks.

Public Appearances by Nadra Enzi:

Publications by Nadra Enzi:

Defunding Police Defeats Public Safety, Especially in Black Communities (June 2020)

Three Ways To Save Your Hood Today (May 2014)

Cult of The Blameless Black (January 2014)

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