Cuomo’s Comparing “Fredo” to N-Word Dumb, Not Smart

Cuomo’s Comparing “Fredo” to N-Word Dumb, Not Smart
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It may be regrettable that CNN personality Chris Cuomo was trolled on his personal time, but it’s outrageous that Cuomo would try to compare being called “Fredo” to a black person being called the n-word. And it is unforgivable for CNN to jump on the bandwagon to call it an “ethnic slur.”

Members of the Project 21 black leadership network think CNN should be “Raising the Barr” when it comes to the crass political maneuvers of its staff and not joining in the effort to label anything they don’t like as racist, sexist or some other unforgivable offense.

After all, both Cuomo and CNN appeared to condone the use of “Fredo” on the network in the past when it served their purposes. Cuomo even used it to describe himself.

Project 21 member Deroy Murdock, a Fox News contributor and contributing editor at National Review Online, pointed out that “Fredo” comes from a well-known movie and not the Ku Klux Klan. In his confrontation, Cuomo himself identified it to mean “weak brother” (his brother is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo). Deroy said:

Chris Cuomo is confused.

“Fredo” refers to Fredo Corleone, the weak and deceitful son in a novel and film called “The Godfather.” In other words, “Fredo” is a fictional character. Cuomo once compared himself to Fredo, by name, on air.

Meanwhile, “the n-word” is a vicious anti-black epithet and arguably the ugliest expression in the English language. CNN’s Chris Cuomo is confused, but even he should understand this distinction.

While they might have different interpretations of the term that has been defined by their views about the movie, Italian Americans interviewed by the New York Post also unanimously did not consider Fredo a slur. “Not like the n-word,” said one person. “That’s another level.”

And Cuomo obviously knows the difference between the n-word and Fredo because he’s allowed it to be used on his show without challenge. In January 2019, CNN contributor Ana Navarro referred to Donald Trump. Jr. as Fredo on Cuomo’s show while Cuomo remained expressionless. Ditto for CNN. Guest Rick Wilson called Representative Devin Nunes the Fredo of his political party while a similarly expressionless Anderson Cooper looked on in a March 2019 panel discussion.

Christopher Arps

Christopher Arps, a Project 21 member who is also a talk radio host, said this is “liberal logic” run amok:

This is America in 2019.

CNN has a white man of wealth and privilege who hails from a prominent political family. He claims he’s the victim of a very questionable slur.

This is liberal logic.

Project 21 member Rich Holt, a political consultant, said that Cuomo’s rush to define Fredo as bigoted term is emblematic of the leftist penchant for trying to portray opponents as out of the mainstream. He remarked:
Richard Holt

This is just another example of the prevailing attitude among liberals that any kind of criticism of any kind is an overt act of bigotry and racism. The entire purpose of CNN these days seems to be the promotion of the worldview of liberalism – which is a political theory based on victimhood and division.

Cuomo, like other little brothers we are familiar with, obviously lacks the intellect to truly be great in America. That’s why he has to settle for being little more than a propagandist.

That being said, Rich suggested that conservatives take the high road to keep these accusations from being able to be made in the first place:

But critics of the toxic divisive culture of liberalism should rise higher than petty name-calling. As conservatives, we need to set the example of what it is to be an American. We should focus on being honest, guided by our faith and inspired by a true desire to be just.

People like Cuomo are temporary, but our values are eternal. Let’s set an example for others to follow.

Rainn, Rainn Go Away: Anti-Gun Tweets Off-Target

Rainn, Rainn Go Away: Anti-Gun Tweets Off-Target
/ Raising the Barr /

Rainn Wilson is channeling his inner Ilhan Omar.

In taking aim at our Second Amendment freedom against government infringement on the right to keep and bear arms, the actor best known for playing Assistant to the Regional Manager Dwight Schrute on “The Office” tweeted to the 4.4 million people following him on social media that “angry white men with guns” are the biggest threat to the United States. And he managed to lump in some crazy interpretation of Christianity as well.

This appears to one-up Representative Omar, who only said that people “should be more fearful of white men” – suggesting that they were more deadly than Islamic terrorists.

Wilson’s full-bore attack on his own race, gender and gun rights is being criticized by the members of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network. They call him “misguided,” and call his actions “moral grandstanding” and “fake rage.” They also take offense to his bigotry in treating white men in an abusive manner like Hollywood has done for other racial groups – showing they have not yet learned not to hate.

Like Roseanne Barr, Project 21 members feel Rainn Wilson has crossed a line. The entertainment industry should be “Raising the Barr” to keep those representing it from making them look silly, out of the mainstream and just plain hateful.

Wilson’s series of tweets – sent out after the horrible shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas – began with: “When are we all going to admit that the biggest threat to Americans, terrorist or not, is ANGRY, WHITE MEN with guns?” He added that his “heart breaks” for those affected, and how he’s “speechless.”

Well, not really. For good measure, he then threw in a biblical reference to get at those who former President Barack Obama said “cling to guns or religion.” Wilson added: “The metamorphosis of Jesus Christ from a humble servant of the abject poor to a symbol that stands for gun rights, prosperity theology, anti-science, limited government (that neglects the destitute) and fierce nationalism is truly the strangest transformation in human history.”

Adrian Norman

Project 21 member Adrian Norman says:

We have to stop looking at every situation in this country through the lens of race. Demonizing an entire group of people on the basis of their skin color for the actions committed by a single individual is not only racist, it does nothing to move us closer toward solutions.

It seems like Wilson is taking on the traits of his Dwight Schrute character, who is described by Wikipedia as someone with “a lack of social skills and common sense.” But, while Dwight was a gun aficionado, Wilson takes the Hollywood hard line against guns (unless guns are valuable to selling a project).

Wilson might actually want to have some guns in his acting jobs. Dwight, as mentioned, talked about guns on his successful series. His next job was a failed television series about a detective. Since then, he’s mainly done voiceovers and forgotten roles like the lead in “Permanent” – a movie that made only $12,847 at the box office (as a point of reference, “Avengers: Endgame” made over $1 billion).

Hollywood has hurt with its stereotypes, and Rainn Wilson’s most recent use of the broad brush is no less shocking and demeaning. This is why Project 21 member Donna Jackson thinks Wilson needs to check his elitist privilege. She says:

It’s shameful that Rainn Wilson used bigotry and hatred as a platform for publicity and self-promotion.

Hollywood elites have been largely responsible for creating most of the racist and sexist narratives we have today such as the angry black woman, her superpredator child and the dirty Mexican. And now, some in Hollywood are adding the angry white male to the list.

As a victim of these stereotypes, I – like countless other black women – have had to fight against them both in the workplace and in our private lives. To suggest that all white male gun owners are terrorists is very disingenuous and only creates a dangerously divisive and hostile environment.

Actors like Rainn Wilson who pretend to fight against bigotry while creating it, as he has, don’t help our great country.

While there should be concern about the shootings in Dayton and El Paso, Project 21 member Derryck Green wonders where Wilson’s concern is for the other cities with chronic problems involving unacceptably high violence that do not receive the national headlines or celebrity tweets:

Noted theologian and sociologist Rainn Wilson offered his unsolicited opinion regarding what he believes caused the shootings in El Paso and Dayton. One of his conclusions is “angry white men with guns.”

Does Wilson apply that same logic to places like Chicago? This past weekend, Chicago witnessed its deadliest weekend of 2019 thus far. According to the New York Times, 52 people were shot and 7 were killed between Friday and Sunday evenings.  Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago – one of the five trauma centers there – was so overwhelmed that it was forced to refuse patients and divert them to other trauma centers across the city.

According to the Chicago Tribune, there have been at least 300 homicides and 1,600 people have been shot so far this year in Chicago.

Is this the result of (in all caps, like Wilson’s original tweet) ANGRY, BLACK MEN with guns? If not, why not? Why doesn’t his heart break for Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland, Philadelphia or Memphis?

“Dwight” isn’t concerned with much more than moral grandstanding and venting fake rage. It’s what happens when actors go off script.

And then there are Wilson’s religious references. Project 21 member Melanie Collette finds Wilson very off-target on his interpretation of Jesus. She explains:

There’s so much to unpack in Rainn Wilson’s misguided comments.

First, we have the undeniable racism in the statement that “angry white men with guns” are the biggest threat to America. But,worse than this, Mr. Wilson presents Jesus as a weak caricature of who He was.

Rather than a display of “fierce nationalism,” the Bible is clear about the pivotal role the census played in the expectation of a Messiah. Further, Jesus was no weakling when it came to preaching about the government’s limited role in our lives as our allegiance is to God. Finally, Jesus made clear that it was the church, not the government, that was to care materially and spiritually for the poor.

Mr. Wilson has managed to demonize the white man, make people of color appear to be victims and weaken the character of Jesus – all in one astonishing tweet.

Rob Reiner’s Hypocrisy Goes to 11

Rob Reiner’s Hypocrisy Goes to 11
/ Raising the Barr /

Rob Reiner hates hate.

He says he is so opposed to discrimination on the part of President Donald Trump that, in his opinion, anyone who supports the President is either a racist or a racist enabler. It’s a categorical judgement on the actor/director’s part.

And that, by definition, is discrimination. Hmmmmm.

Reiner definitively tweeted: “The President of the United States is a racist.” Furthermore: “If you support him, there can be no distinction between you being a racist and a racist enabler. They are the same.”

But members of Project 21, the National Center’s black leadership organization, beg to differ with the man who seems to have gained his knowledge of the presidency solely from directing the fantasy movie “The American President” and acting in “Primary Colors.”

After all, the Project 21 members are black and support President Trump.

Last year, when Roseanne Barr made uncalled-for accusations about Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett, Reiner called her comments “not acceptable in 2018.” Has there been a change in the rules that make Reiner’s blanket accusations of the most harmful kind these days – that someone is steeped in racism – acceptable this year? Perhaps we should be “Raising the Barr” and holding him to at least the same expectations.

Emery McClendon

Project 21 member Emery McClendon, a Tea Party organizer, says:

It’s strange that Rob Reiner says that those who support President Trump are racist. He seems to have placed every Trump supporter into one basket with his comments. After all, he did say there “can be no distinction” between President Trump and those who support him.

That’s very odd since many Americans who are black support President Trump. I happen to be black, and I don’t find the President to be a racist at all. I think he has gone out of his way since his Inauguration to improve race relations in America.

Contrary to Reiner’s remarks, there is a distinction between a person making factual political statements and spewing racial hatred. The President’s remarks about Baltimore and “The Squad” – the likely reasons for Reiner’s tweet – were rooted in criticism of failed liberal policies. Simply because some of these failures have come from those who serve in predominantly minority districts or from those who are minorities themselves doesn’t make the pointing out of these failures racial attacks.

Liberals love to use racism to their advantage as a political tool. Once again, Rob Reiner reinforces that point.

Richard Holt

Project 21 member Richard Holt adds:

Rob Reiner’s list of hit movies includes nearly all-white casts, and yet he’s got the nerve to call us racist.

It takes a unique blend of cognitive dissonance and wild hypocrisy to live a code of marginalizing blackness with powerful absences from his movies and then to call people who support Trump a racist! Hollywood racism has had a deeply scarring impact on minorities who continue to be marginalized. Black actors aren’t being considered for key roles, and yet – if they support a Republican – they’re the racists.

Reiner and the Hollywood vultures have profited by exploiting black people and promoting horrific stereotypes of black people. The fact is that the liberal Hollywood elite doesn’t promote art for the glorification of our culture but for social conditioning that encourages vice, racism and a destruction of the value of the individual.

But wait, there’s more! There’s another wrinkle to the notion that black Trump supporters can be smeared with the accusation of racism. Project 21 members may have a liberal icon on their side.

Well, probably not really. She’s probably just confused. Hollywood can do that to people.

Joy Behar, one of the co-hosts of “The View” and another huge critic of the President, must think Reiner is outrageous and stupid for his advocacy of blanket discrimination against Trump supporters.

On her show, she said “[i]t’s outrageous and stupid to call a black person a racist.” Her observation concerned the President tweeting that Representative Elijah Cummings, the Baltimore politician whose district the President originally criticized, is a racist. “[I]t’s hard to be a racist,” she claimed, “when you are a victim of racism.”

Or, in the case of black supporters of President Trump, victims of the blanket discrimination of Rob Reiner.

Gregory Parker

Commenting on this potential brewing schism among the liberal Hollywood elite, Project 21 member Greg Parker remarks:

Rob “Meathead” Reiner says all Trump supporters are racist. Joy Behar states that blacks cannot be racist.

With the unprecedented support Trump enjoys among black Americans, how does the regressive left reconcile these contradictions? Let me guess – they will call black Trump supporters “Uncle Toms” or race traitors. This will show they are the true racists.

Midler’s Off-Key Tune: Blacks Can’t Support Trump

Midler’s Off-Key Tune: Blacks Can’t Support Trump
/ Raising the Barr /

The Rose has started to stink.

Bette Midler – a star of stage, screen and the recording industry, greatly honored by tolerant society for her acting and singing – was hardly divine when she recently suggested black conservatives and other blacks who support President Donald Trump are essentially selling themselves into indentured servitude.

In a recent tweet, she posted a photo of black Trump supporters at a rally and asked how much they were paid to be in the “blackground.”

Project 21 members are calling this “incredibly patronizing” and racist.

Clearly, the people on the coasts have a particular need for “Raising the Barr” regarding whom they associate with – holding their liberal friends to the same standards they did for Roseanne Barr when she crossed the line last year when she insulted Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett.

Midler, a frequent critic of the President, has said he “deserves to be held down and his hair cut off, or strapped to the roof of the car!” She’s joked about wanting him to be stabbed by his staff. She’s tweeted old topless modeling photos of First Lady Melania Trump with catty remarks while urging Twitter to ban the President from social media. And she’s had to apologize for spreading false rumors about President Trump’s feelings toward his political party.

But her recent race-mongering tweet is much worse, and something for which she must apologize. And it’s something that Twitter really should consider as reason to curtail her use of social media.

Midler’s whole tweet read: “Look, there are African American men in this shot! How much did he pay them to be ‘blackground’?” While she portrays herself as a keen observer of the President’s activities, it’s surprising she hasn’t seen those men in the past. They are part of a group called Blacks for Trump, and they are genuine. Members of this group have attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) over the past few years and are quite well known. They are often seen cheering with enthusiasm at Trump rallies.

But Midler seems to be one of those people who assumes, like Representative Ayanna Pressley, that people of color must read off the same page in order to be authentic. That’s just plain wrong, and members of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network are calling Bette Midler out and asking everyone else to join them in doing so.

Adrian Norman

Project 21 member Adrian Norman remarks:

It’s incredibly patronizing that people like Bette Midler don’t think black people are capable of thinking for ourselves.

Her “white savior” complex is no less racist than people who wear white hoods. We don’t need approval from white liberal overseers to judge if we’re acting in our own self-interest.

And Project 21 member Stone Washington says:Stone Washington

Liberal entertainer Bette Midler has gone over the deep end with her racist tweet insulting President Trump and his loyal black supporters.

Her incredibly insensitive comment is proof that many on the left feel they are privileged to say whatever they want and not be subject to the same harsh scrutiny as conservatives like Roseanne Barr.

Thankfully, Midler’s uncivil racism will not receive a pass simply because her tweet is anti-Trump. She should educate herself about President Trump’s base, which faces a growing number of black activists who are excited about their record-low unemployment and 3.3% wage increase.

Also, in interview with Fox News reporter Brian Flood, Project 21 member Deroy Murdock – who is also a contributor to the news network – added:

How dare Midler dismiss these grown black men as props for hire, rather than sapient citizens who support the candidate of their choice.

And why shouldn’t they? Thanks to the Trump/GOP tax cuts, black unemployment is near record lows, and average real wages for blacks are up 3.3% over the last 12 months, the Dallas Federal Reserve reports. Also, President Trump’s criminal justice reform disproportionately benefits blacks.

Marc Lamont Hill Sees Zionist Media Conspiracy, Opposes Safe Space for Jews

Marc Lamont Hill Sees Zionist Media Conspiracy, Opposes Safe Space for Jews
/ Raising the Barr /

Those who complained that CNN went too far when it fired Marc Lamont Hill last year have received their comeuppance.

Hill’s contract as a political commentator was terminated in November after he made anti-Zionist comments during a United Nations-sponsored event. At the end of his presentation, during which he also echoed the goals of the radical boycott-divestment-sanctions movement, Hill – a professor at Temple University – used the terrorist tagline of “free Palestine from the river to the sea.”

But people who called Hill’s firing “rash” at the time must now reconcile his latest outburst. In retrospect, CNN’s move was fortuitous – protecting itself from the potential backlash over Hill’s continued controversial and offensive positions. It’s something Temple now essentially owns, since Hill is a tenured member of the faculty.

This is yet another example of the establishment needing to “raise the Barr” by holding liberals in the public eye to the same standards that Roseanne Barr was held to when she made statements that were beyond the pale.

At the annual Netroots Nation conference, Hill was part of a panel making suggestions for “embedding Palestinian rights in the 2020 agenda.” During the discussion, and despite his assertion otherwise, Hill pushed a conspiracy theory that major media organizations are “Zionist organizations.” He said:

They’re like, I want to work for Fox, or I want to work for ABC or NBC or whoever. I want to tell these stories. You have to make choices about where you want to work. And if you work for a Zionist organization, you’re going to get Zionist content. And no matter how vigorous you are in the newsroom, there are going to be two, three, four, 17 or maybe one powerful person – not going to suggest a conspiracy – all news outlets have a point of a view. And if your point of view competes with the point of view of the institution, you’re going to have challenges.

As far as being tools of Zionism, NBC, ABC and even Fox News have plenty to answer for when it comes to favoring the Palestinian cause in their poor reporting on Israel-Palestine relations. But Hill made a sweeping generalization. We should expect better from an academic.

Project 21 member Marie Fischer says:

Hearing statements coming from the progressive activists at the recent Netroots Nation summit makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

I read how Marc Lamont Hill referred to the news media as being Zionist organizations. He included Fox, ABC and NBC in this accusation. For those who do not know, when people use Zionist in this term it has always been a dog whistle for Jewish, and we know anti-Semites have always talked about how Jews control the media.

Of course, Mr. Hill will not say “Jewish media,” because doing so would completely shut down his argument to his audience and firmly place him in the same category as a white supremacist. However, we all know where Mr. Hill stands. If you recall last year, at an appearance at the United Nations, Mr. Hill stated, “free Palestine from the river to the sea.” One can only interpret that as eliminating the state of Israel as well as all of its inhabitants.

First, let us have the proper definition of Zionist and Zionism. According to the Oxford dictionary, Zionism is “[a] movement for the re-establishment and the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel.” A Zionist is “a person who believes in the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel.”  So is Mr. Hill stating those in the media are pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian? I find that ironic since his former employer, CNN, has been cited many times as being anti-Israel.  Two decades ago, we had bumper stickers in the religious Jewish community that stated “CNN Lies” due to its very biased coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts. Thus, those of us in the Jewish community knew long before the average conservative.

I have also read where some have said anti-Zionism is the rejection of racism, and Mr. Hill fanned those flames when he also stated Israel was engaged in a “white supremacist” project. I would like to know how being for the protection of a Jewish nation is racism. I am wondering if Mr. Hill or any of his audience have been to Israel outside of tourist spots. If you saw the makeup of the citizens of Israel, you would see one of the more diverse populations in the world and the most diverse in the Middle East. In addition, if Israel is so racist, why would it rescue thousands of Ethiopians of Jewish descent in Africa from devastating famines and war via the decades-long Operation Solomon? If Israel is so racist, why did it also bring in thousands of people of Jewish descent from India via Operation Menashe?

People do not realize – or maybe they do – that when you speak of anti-Zionism, you are speaking against Israel and its people. Israel is 75% Jewish. You are speaking against a right for Israel to exist, and you are speaking against a safe haven for my children and myself if it ever comes to that point.

Those on the left always speak of wanting safe spaces. To me, Israel will always be my safe space.

Erica Thomas Backtracks on “Go Back” Accusation

Erica Thomas Backtracks on “Go Back” Accusation
/ Raising the Barr /

Meet Georgia Representative Erica Thomas.

As detractors of President Donald Trump made much of his recent tweet suggesting that his congressional critics should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came” and as they complained about a chant at a rally to “send her back” (referring to one of those critics), Thomas entered herself into the national debate about race. She claimed that a “white man” told her “you need to go back to where you came from” after confronting her in a grocery store.

In a tearful video, she decried “white privilege” because the man with “hate in his heart” allegedly berated her and told her to “go back.” She was challenged by the man after she went through the express lane with more than 10 items. She claimed she did so because she is pregnant and “can’t stand up for long,” although later admitted that her daughter was the cause of the over-quota purchase.

After the video was shared, Twitter hashtags were created in her defense and political figures — from Representative Ted Lieu to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio — made her a national figure. But then her story began to change. She walked back the “go back” storyline. At a press conference, after questioned by a reporter about the comment, she said: “I don’t know if he said ‘go back,’ or those types of words… I don’t know if he said ‘go back to your country’ or ‘go back to where you came from,’ but he was making those types of references is what I remember.”

She adjusted her recollection after the man showed up at her press conference, during which she was miraculously able to stand at length before the cameras to repeat her allegations. The man, Eric Sparkes, turned out to be Cuban and not white. While admitting, “I called you a lazy b-i-t-c-h. That’s the worst thing I said,” Sparkes charged Thomas was “playing the victim for political purposes.” He added that he is a liberal whose social media posts prove he’s “anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-racism, anti-bigotry.”

Sparkes has threatened to sue Thomas for defamation, yet Thomas wants Sparkes arrested for what she alleges he said – whatever that might be at this point.

With leftists once again using race as a means to sow dissent and increase their appeal, damage has been done. It appears that Thomas has been caught exaggerating the situation, but the nation stopped for at least a moment to give her credibility she doesn’t seem to have deserved. Many people won’t hear anything but the initial video, and that hurts America.

After the hoaxes surrounding actor Jussie Smollett and Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, this is at least the third well-known strike against leftist race-mongers this year. It’s time to Raise the Barr on the hoaxers and make them accountable.

On the Fox News Channel, Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper said:

The problem here is there is so little bigotry in the United States of America [that] people have to fake it. In the case of Chicago [and Jussie Smollett], they have to bring people from outside of the country to do the racism that Americans just aren’t willing to.

Once again, what we see is hoax after hoax after hoax. And, in fact, it’s so rare that the media gives it extra oxygen to try to make it out to be something it’s not.

Gregory Parker

Project 21 member Greg Parker adds:

Again, the media pushes another racist hate hoax narrative.

If America is so filled with hate, as the liberals claim, why do they have to continue to manufacture these hate hoaxes?

Really, at some point the term “racism” and “racist” become meaningless given the continued cries of “wolf” by the left.

Specifically calling out Thomas and the possible fallout of her accusations, Project 21 member Derrick Hollie notes:
Derrick Hollie

For Representative Thomas to make and then walk back her claim that the man told her to go back where she came from is deceitful and disgusting. She could have ruined his life with her false implication of racism. And the hoax she’s perpetrated has already poisoned the political environment and pushed back racial healing.

Regarding the “go back” accusation that has become an obsession in the media over the past few weeks, Derrick adds that it is not necessarily a racial thing. He’s personally observed it in a black-on-black situation:

While heritage is apparently not a factor in this case, it is nonetheless important to note that this is not a uniformly racist taunt as the left currently seeks to portray it.

I was recently at a bank where a black American customer disparaged an employee of African origin because of his heritage. This was black-on-black criticism. It was unwarranted, but it was certainly not racist. But the left is grabbing at anything to perpetuate the narrative of a racist America to build its base of power. This is disingenuous and dishonest.

Ayanna Pressley’s Racial Radicalism Repudiated

Ayanna Pressley’s Racial Radicalism Repudiated
/ Raising the Barr /

Representative Ayanna Pressley pulled back the curtain at the recent Netroots Nation conference to show that the organizing principles of the left appear similar to the organizing principles of the alt-right and white nationalists.

In pitching her adversarial approach in dealing with her own caucus colleagues on Capitol Hill, Pressley demanded that members of minority groups that comprise the left’s coalition speak with one voice. No dissention is allowed.

She even made the case for casting out those who refuse to march in lockstep and speak in the left’s “voice.” Racial authenticity seemed to be come from compliance with radical doctrine.

At the Netroots Nation gathering, Pressley declared:

I don’t want to bring a chair to an old table. This is the time to shake the table. This is the time to redefine that table. Because if you’re going to come to this table, all of you who have aspirations of running for office. If you’re not prepared to come to that table and represent that voice, don’t come, because we don’t need any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice. We don’t need black faces that don’t want to be a black voice. We don’t need Muslims that don’t want to be a Muslim voice. We don’t need queers that don’t want to be a queer voice. If you’re worried about being marginalized and stereotyped, please don’t even show up because we need you to represent that voice.

This necessity for groupthink certainly seems similar to the chants and manifestos that are condemned when they are attributed to white nationalists and the anti-liberty/anti-conservative alt-right. It’s time for Pressley and those who support her to be held to that same standard. People need to be “Raising the Barr” on politicians like Pressley who push an agenda rooted in racial authenticity. We need to hold them to the same standard that people like Roseanne Barr have been held to when they have made offensive comments and promoted divisive ideals.

Project 21 members denounced Pressley’s comments at the Netroots Nation conference, calling it bigotry and even comparing it to the leadership styles of dictators such as Fidel Castro and Kim Jong Un.

Horace Cooper

On the Fox News Channel program “The Ingraham Angle,” Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper said about Pressley’s comments:

That’s racism, and that’s bigotry.

That’s saying that – just because you’re black or gay or whatever you might be – you have a duty to act a certain way, to be a certain way. That’s bigotry.

Citing the threat to individuality and free thought, Project 21 member Melanie Collette added:

Representative Ayanna Pressley’s suggestion that there is a singular brown or black voice with which we should all speak reeks of the ignorance and racism she claims to fight.

For anyone who doesn’t see all things through the prism of color, the challenge is to understand how she rationalizes this level of hypocrisy. Most infuriating is the danger that this thinking presents to free-thinkers and to freedom itself.

Christopher Arps

Suggesting Pressley’s agenda paves a path toward dictatorship, Project 21 member Christopher Arps said:

There is nothing wrong with individuals organizing like-minded individuals to shape public policy. That’s what makes our country unique among the nations of the world. What is not unique, and what is all too common in the world, is when free speech and thought are stifled and critics of despotic regimes are jailed or killed.

Ayanna Pressley’s racist call at the Netroots conference is organizing by skin color and ethnicity – not like minds. If you disagree with her or her ilk then you are ridiculed, called out of your name and ostracized.

I personally don’t see a lot of difference between Pressley’s tactics and the tactics of dictators like Fidel Castro or Kim Jong Un.

Women’s Soccer Star’s “Blaccent” Deserves a Yellow Card

Women’s Soccer Star’s “Blaccent” Deserves a Yellow Card

When kids go back to school this fall, there’s a pretty good chance their teachers will have posted a photo of the U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup in soccer. Does it deserve this honor?

Since their victory, the women’s soccer stars have been presented as heroes and role models, but their behavior seems to indicate they don’t all exactly live up to that responsibility. Yet the media and other supporters of the USWNT appear to have chosen to ignore behavior that is unsportsmanlike, impolite and indecent. While there has been criticism of forward Megan Rapinoe, it’s the behavior of goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris that is particularly troubling and largely overlooked.

What’s been largely overlooked is Harris’s use of potentially racially insensitive language. Racial insensitivity is something that essentially ended the career of comedienne Roseanne Barr last year. The media identified Barr as a conservative.

Members of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network are asking people to “raise the Barr” on the USWNT, Rapinoe and particularly Harris. They are calling for the actions of the team to be judged in the same manner Barr was judged for her own crass behavior.

As Project 21 member Derryck Green explains about Project 21’s new “Raising the Barr” feature:

There’s absolutely no question that political and moral double standards exist between leftists and conservatives. To the point, the left doesn’t acknowledge, nor is capable of living up to, the standards it sets for conservatives.

Take racism, for example. Leftists have rushed to label Donald Trump, Jr. “racist” for retweeting a tweet – from a black man – that questions Senator Kamala Harris’s racial identity. Yet barely a peep was made when, while then-senator Barack Obama was running for president, “60 Minutes,” Time magazine and Stanley Crouch all questioned Obama’s racial identity – inquiring whether he was authentically black enough to garner the black vote.

Further, since the 2016 election, leftists have repeatedly called President Donald Trump a racist. But they haven’t repeatedly called Virginia Governor Ralph Northam a racist, even after he admitted and apologized – and later rescinded both – for being photographed in either blackface or a Ku Klux Klan costume in his medical school yearbook.

These double standards exist because the left refuses to judge itself by the standards to which it holds conservatives.

Thus, the need for “Raising the Barr.”

In the case of the USWNT, as mentioned, there are plenty of things that should call the team’s role model status into question:

  • Rapinoe is well-known for her unwillingness to stand for the national anthem despite the longstanding consideration of athletes on national teams as de facto.
  • The team was criticized for unsportsmanlike behavior when it ran up the score against Thailand, and forward Alex Morgan mocked the British after scoring a goal against the English team.
  • A series of post-victory videos – many posted by the team – show drinking and lewd activity in the locker room and other places.

As Project 21 member Marie Fischer points out:

When I look at the videos and read of the actions of our women’s soccer team, I am reminded of myself and my sorority sisters when I was in college over 20 years ago. We were loud, rowdy and a bit obnoxious. But we were not going around presuming the guise of being role models to young girls in the U.S. and possibly the world.

Also, our actions were not recorded in infamy via social media.

And it is USWNT goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris who may have gone the furthest overboard.

At the victory parade held for the team in New York City, the team received honorary keys to the city. Harris, who grew up on central Florida’s “Space Coast” and went to the University of North Carolina, spoke in a manner that mocked black people in a video that was posted to social media.

Harris was obviously mocking Antoine Dodson, who became an Internet celebrity in 2010 after he was featured on a local news report about a break-in at his sister’s apartment in Huntsville, Alabama.

Back then, in a report broadcast on WAFF-TV, Dodson said about the break-in: “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo husband because they rapin’ everyone up here.”

At the parade, while showing off her key, Harris said: “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife and lock yo f—in’ doors because we got the key to the m—–f—in’ city. And I’m coming for y’all b—-es.”

Coincidence? Not a chance. She was clearly mimicking Dodson.

Marie adds:

I am troubled in our current “rape culture” world. If a men’s team said the “Hide your kids…” statement, that would be the end of them media-wise. No one would want to interview them about their win. They might want to give them a tongue-lashing for their statement. Endorsement offers would dry up and existing ones would be canceled.

We now officially live in an Orwellian state where certain groups of people can appear to do no wrong in the eyes of the world, while those doing the right thing are lambasted and treated just short of criminal.

Ariana Grande has been criticized for using a “blaccent.” So have Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Cultural appropriation is usually a major offense. Usually. Why not now with USWNT’s Harris? Particularly why not now when it was used by her in a mocking tone?

Project 21 member Rich Holt says it probably has a lot to do with the left being able to control the narrative:

It’s typical of leftist whites to culturally appropriate black culture and act like it’s cool. It’s disrespectful for Ashlyn Harris to have participated in such an act of racial hatred. We all know that if this was a white conservative, there would have been riots in the streets.

The left-wing tactic of punishing anyone who doesn’t agree with them by labeling them “racist” or “sexist” really only works because they control the media. Real Americans have more sense than to fall for these deceptive manipulations. But liberal activism unfortunately disenfranchises the silent majority with abusive terror-like tactics. Liberal organizations such as anti-racism groups, pro-gay organizations and the like are not created to protect anyone. Instead, they are actually deceptive covers for elite teams that function like terrorist cells.

While it’s disappointing that athletes have made inappropriate comments on social media, they were dumb kids at the time, and perhaps we can let it slide. We do so because we, being adults, were often idiots at that age too. But why is it that we, as a society, can see these comments and say, “I get it, what an idiot” and accept an apology from an athlete — yet if someone is an outed conservative in the same circumstances, he or she is the spawn of Satan united in a conspiracy with the KKK to wage war on blacks/gays/women/etc.?

This makes no sense to a rational human being, but liberals aren’t rational.

Want a hero on the U.S. Women’s National Team? How about midfielder Kelley O’Hara? During the post-finals celebration, she rescued the American flag from being stepped on after it was careless dropped by fellow midfielder Allie Long.


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