Derryck Green is a political commentator, writer, and a member of Project 21 – a National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives.

His work has been featured and cited in a number of media outlets, including Townhall, The American Spectator, NBC, The Daily Caller, The American Conservative, CQ Researcher and many newspapers across the United States.

He’s also a faculty member at Prager University and his course, “Who Are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals,” has over one million unique views across several social media platforms.

Derryck has earned his Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, and his doctorate in Theology and Spiritual Leadership with a concentration in Identity Formation from Azusa Pacific University.

Follow Derryck Green on Twitter @DerryckGreen.

Sample of Public Appearances by Derryck Green:

On HLN’s “Dr. Drew,” Derryck criticizes the Dallas police shootings and the Black Lives Matter movement (7/11/16)

On Blaze TV’s “Dana,” Derryck says Obama’s amnesty plan is a cynical ploy to institute his ideological vision for America, piece by left-wing piece (11/20/14)

On WMAL-DC, Derryck discusses “race fatigue” (8/10/13)

On Blaze TV’s “Real News,” Derryck says the Obama birth control mandate compromise is not enough (2/5/13)

Select Publications by Derryck Green:

Obama’s Economy Is Only Successful If Success Is Redefined (March 2015)

The “Black Lives Matter” Slogan Ignores Self-Destructive Behavior (January 2015)

Why Does the NAACP Fight for Race- and Sex-Based Baby-Killing in Arizona? (September 2014)

Remove the Stigma of Bad Black Behavior that Hurts our Race (September 2014)

War on Poverty Won’t Be Won – Unless We Change Strategy (April 2014)

Blacks Must Speak Outside the Language of Race (Part 2) (March 2014)

Blacks Must Speak Outside the Language of Race (Part 1) (March 2014)

Shame on You, Oprah Winfrey (January 2014)

Faith Trumps Atheist Angst (December 2013)

“Race Card” Not Enough to Protect Obama from Lies and Incompetence (November 2013)

It’s Time for President Obama to Do Something that Works for the Economy (October 2013)

Empathy Doesn’t Solve Employment Crisis (August 2013)

Race Fatigue (August 2013)

NAACP Chief’s Cross-Dressing Advocacy Hurts Voters (June 2013)

Where’s the Good Economy We Were Promised? (May 2013)

Where is the Black Church? (May 2013)

Yuck It Up Over Congress, But You Really May Dislike Obama More (February 2013)

Jovan, Jason and Jumping to Conclusions (December 2012)

Economic Chickens Come Home to Roost (October 2012)

We are Not Better Off (September 2012)

Eric Holder’s Plantation (August 2012)

Marriage is Not a Right (July 2012)

Obama is Playing to His Base on Gay Marriage (But It Isn’t Blacks) (June 2012)

Affirmative Action Blazes Out of Control at Obama Justice Department (May 2012)

Trayvon Martin May be this Generation’s Rodney King (April 2012)

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