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carjacking crime gun

With D.C. Crime Out of Control, Congress Must Intervene

Project 21 Commentary /
As Washington, D.C. crime soars, with local leaders apparently impotent to control it, ambassadors with the Project 21 black leadership network are calling upon Congress to intervene. A recent carjacking of an off-duty FBI agent demonstrates that truly no one ...
wheelchair disability free

Mark Mostert: People with Disabilities Thrive When Free of Stifling Bureaucracy

Able Americans, Commentary /
The United Nations' Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD) "is a great idea with lofty but unrealistic goals that completely fail to take into account the real world," writes Mark P. Mostert of Able Americans in a ...
Indi Gregory baby disability

Mark Mostert: Kids with Severe Disabilities Deserve Better

Able Americans, Commentary /
"Infant Indi Gregory... died a few weeks ago. A heartbreaking tragedy. But why she died is grotesque — the perfect storm of medicine and heartless legal arguments culminating in a court-ordered refusal to show mercy and compassion." In a commentary syndicated through ...
black pastor priest church

Martin Baker: Black Americans Are Being Led Astray by Politicized Pastors

Project 21 Commentary /
In a commentary published by Human Events, Project 21 Ambassador Martin Baker bemoans the corruption of many black churches, and particularly pastors who allow pulpit access to those who misuse it for political ends: Black ministers have been led down ...

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