School Daze: Project 21’s Borelli Reacts to Classroom Craziness

In a segment devoted to school-related issues, Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli laughs at the actions of a school in Toronto, Canada where administrators are banning all forms of balls — with the exception of Nerf and sponge balls — because of safety concerns.  Deneen, not knowing what else kids’ might do, asked “What are they gonna do, stand there and look at each other?”  On a more serious note, she next warned about how real problems might end up being overlooked in the case of another school that is investigating the alleged “sex crime” of two 12-year-olds kissing on the playground.  Finally, Deneen criticizes congressional intervention into nutritional guidelines — something that she says didn’t need to be started in the first place and distracts from real education issues.  This discussion with co-host Heather Childers and Fox News contributors Andrea Tantaros and Lis Wiehl was part of the 11/19/11 edition of “America’s News Headquarters” on the Fox News Channel.

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