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Stefan Padfield: Enhanced Scrutiny and the Omnipresent Specter of Political Bias

FEP Commentary /
What can we do if corporate decision-makers have become so committed to -- or even blinded by -- their political tribalism and activist mindset that they are creating actionable conflicts of interest within their own companies? In a commentary posted ...
Joe Biden

Craig DeLuz: Denying the Decline: Media Still Refuses to Fully Report on Biden’s Fall from Grace

Project 21 Commentary /
The mainstream media has been misleading and lying to the American people for years. Those of us on the right have known this and have regularly sounded the alarm, but after President Biden's abysmal debate performance, even those on the ...
San Francisco California

Craig DeLuz: False Reality Revealed: CA’s Growing Dependence on Government Jobs Threatens Long-Term Economic Stability

Project 21 Commentary /
Can California survive if its businesses continue to decline? Project 21 Ambassador Craig DeLuz analyzes California's grim economic statistics in a commentary published at RedState: While the public sector has seen an increase in jobs supported by tax dollars, the ...
Horace Cooper Hannity Biden

Horace Cooper: Biden and Obama Don’t Like Each Other

Media Appearance /
On the Fox News Channel Channel program "Hannity," Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper pushed back against the narrative that President Biden has simply been a puppet for former President Obama. Horace told host Sean Hannity and fellow panelist Miranda Devine: ...
Curtis Hill Immunity Jan 6 NTD

Curtis Hill Dissects the Supreme Court’s Presidential Immunity and Chevron Decisions

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What does the U.S. Supreme Court's recent ruling on presidential immunity mean for former President Trump? Project 21 Ambassador Curtis T. Hill, Jr., who once served as Indiana's attorney general, discussed this and other legal issues with Steve Lance on ...
Horace Cooper jason chaffetz Kamala Biden

Horace Cooper: “DEI Appointment” Kamala Harris is Either a Liar or Completely Out of the Loop

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On the Fox News Channel's "The Ingraham Angle," Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper and guest host Jason Chaffetz discussed whether Vice President Kamala Harris truly did not know about President Biden's mental decline, or has simply been lying about it ...
Horace Cooper Kamala Harris

Horace Cooper: Leftists’ Emphasis on Identity Politics Could Backfire with Kamala

Media Appearance /
Would be racist to overlook Vice President Kamala Harris as a replacement for President Biden on the Democratic ticket? On the Fox News Channel program "The Ingraham Angle," Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper told guest host Brian Kilmeade that voters ...
RJ Smith box

Remembering R.J. Smith

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The National Center recently lost a dear friend and colleague, Robert J. ("R.J.") Smith. For nearly 20 years -- from 2005 until his passing in April -- R.J. was a senior fellow in environmental policy at the National Center.  He ...
Europe EU European Union

Richard Holt: European Voters Are Taking Sledgehammer To Continent’s Radical Open Borders And Climate Agenda

Project 21 Commentary /
In a commentary published at the Daily Caller, Project 21 Ambassador Richard Holt notes that the recent European election results reflect a growing dissatisfaction with leftist climate and immigration policies: Voters are increasingly skeptical of policies that they perceive as ...
AM FM radio car

Christopher Arps: House Energy & Commerce Committee Should Save AM Radio and Taxpayers’ Money

Project 21 Commentary /
In a commentary published at RedState, Project 21 Ambassador Christopher Arps praises the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act. Chris explains why maintaining AM radio access in vehicles is critical: Our nation’s public warning systems, which taxpayers have rightfully invested ...