About The National Center


The National Center for Public Policy Research, founded in 1982, is a non-partisan, free-market, independent conservative think tank. The National Center’s programs include the Project 21 black leadership network, the Free Enterprise Project, Able Americans and the Environment and Enterprise Institute.


To grow the freedom movement by taking our message to new constituencies to secure liberty now and for future generations.


To become the most innovative and efficient advocate of individual liberty.

Leadership & Staff

Deroy Murdock


Bradley Krieger


Joe Roche


Julianna Ustica


Nickie Kelley


Jennifer Lee


Board of Directors

Horace Cooper

Former Assistant Law Professor, George Mason University
Attorney, Legal Commentator
General Counsel, Office of the U.S. House Majority Leader, 1995-2002
Elected October 19, 2010

Edmund F. Haislmaier

Senior Research Fellow, Health Policy Studies
The Heritage Foundation
Washington, D.C.
Elected October 27, 1997

David Ridenour

President, The National Center for Public Policy Research
Washington, D.C.
Elected president October 18, 2011; to the board October 27, 1997

Peter Schweizer

President, Government Accountability Institute
New York Times Best-Selling Author
Elected June 27, 2006

Dennis Hollingsworth

Former California State Senate Minority Leader
Elected May 7, 2019

Lisa B. Nelson

Chief Executive Officer,
American Legislative Exchange Council
Arlington, VA
Elected May 7, 2019

Craig Rucker

Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow
Elected May 9, 2023

What Conservatives Say About the National Center

I applaud the NCPPR staff and supporters for your commitment to educating Americans on… issues that are essential to our Nation’s prosperity and security.  For 20 years, you have remained steadfast in your efforts to advance the cause of individual freedom in the United States.

-President George W. Bush in 2002

The National Center for Public Policy Research provides a unique and valuable service to the American people and to our nation’s leaders…  Particularly valuable are the studies that have proven the adverse impact of burdensome regulations and disproportionately high taxes on enterprises and individuals, especially on minorities and start-up businesses.

-Senator George Allen

I think those guys are brave and courageous… They’ve got guts.

-Rush Limbaugh, referring to Project 21

The National Center for Public Policy Research has been one of the most effective organizations in the conservative movement.  For 20 years this organization has been willing to take on the environmentalist extremists with intellectual honesty and courage unmatched in our movement.

-the late Paul M. Weyrich, then-President, Free Congress Foundation

The National Center for Public Policy Research is an invaluable ally in the battle for limited government and a strong national defense.

-Dr. Edwin Feulner, then-President, The Heritage Foundation

I frequently tell my students, ‘don’t fully trust anyone until he has stuck with a good cause which he saw was losing.’  I fully trust my friends at The National Center.  Over the past 20 years, The National Center has fought and stuck with a good many battles that seemed hopeless, and often prevailed.  Twenty years ago, I helped The National Center for Public Policy Research get started.  I’m glad I did.

-Morton C. Blackwell, President, The Leadership Institute

Competent self-governance requires an educated citizenry.  By providing tens of millions of Americans with facts about breaking issues and supplying a policy perspective rooted in the views of our Founders, The National Center for Public Policy Research helps make our democracy work.

-Ambassador Alan Keyes

The National Center is an invaluable resource for insightful analysis and a roundup of what key people are saying about a wide range of important issues.  A crucial source of ammunition in the battle of ideas.

-Ward Connerly

The National Center for Public Policy Research has emerged as one of the leading voices for limited government and individual freedom in the U.S. It produces more positive press attention for our ideas, dollar for dollar, than any other Washington-based think tank, and its Project 21 is probably the country’s most successful effort to organize conservative African Americans.

-Joseph Bast, President, The Heartland Institute

The National Center is changing public opinion — providing Americans with a conservative response to the latest news and policy issues.

-Colonel Oliver North

A good run, a cup of coffee, and the NCPPR… that’s how I start my day.

-Michael Reagan

Some come to Washington to drain the swamps but soon find themselves happily soaking away in the political hot tub.  Not the National Center for Public Policy Research!  NCPPR is one of the fiercest fighters for economic liberty in areas ranging from environmental policy to economic deregulation.

-Fred L. Smith, then-President, Competitive Enterprise Institute

What Liberals Say About the National Center

“Project 21 remains a crucial gear in the right’s propaganda factory…. Without [Project 21], Project 21’s cadres would probably be at home screaming at the TV.  But instead, they’re on TV.”

-The Nation

“…The National Center for Public Policy Research… makes the Cato Institute look like a hotbed of raving Trotskyist revolutionaries.”


Proven Success

The National Center is a proven success in today’s competitive media environment, earning on average two television interviews and two radio interviews per day, plus hundreds of published op-eds and commentaries.

Among those covering The National Center are the AP, UPI, Reuters and Bloomberg, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, USA Today, The Daily Caller, The Hill, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, NBC News, CBS News, ABC Radio News, Good Morning America, 20/20, C-Span, PBS, NPR, FOX News, Fox Business, Newsmax, OAN, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and others. Talk radio coverage has been particularly newsworthy, with coverage by industry leaders Sean Hannity, Roger Hedgecock, Glenn Beck and many others, including the late Rush Limbaugh.

The National Center is also outstanding in its ability to connect people with policymakers, reaching more than 50,000 contacts per month from grassroots America to policymakers on issues of public concern.

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The American people make The National Center for Public Policy Research’s work possible through their generous gifts and support. It receives over 350,000 individual contributions a year from over 60,000 active recent contributors.

The National Center is audited every year by an independent firm of certified public accountants. The National Center has never requested nor received funding from the federal government nor any state nor foreign government.

A link to a pdf copy of The National Center for Public Policy Research’s most recent Form 990 tax return is available to download and our most recent independent audit is also available.

The National Center for Public Policy Research was incorporated in Delaware in 1981 and opened its doors on February 2, 1982.  It is a 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code.  Its tax ID number is 52-1226614. Donations to The National Center and its projects are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.

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