Mark P. Mostert, Ph.D.


Mark P. Mostert, Ph.D., is senior researcher at Able Americans, the National Center’s project to support Americans living with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities.

Mark received his undergraduate degree from the Johannesburg College of Education (South Africa), an M.Ed. in special education from the University of South Alabama and a Ph.D. in special education research from the University of Virginia.

Mark has an extensive academic background as researcher, author and presenter, both nationally and internationally. He spent 35 years in academia, the last twenty at Regent University where he was full professor of special education while directing the doctoral program in special education. He also served as the director of the Institute for the Study of Disability and Bioethics, and as web content director of the award-winning Useless Eaters website.

Mark has served as a disability consultant to several member nations at the UN on topics related to disability policy and practices. He resides in Virginia Beach, where he pursues his lifelong love of opera and classical music.


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