David Lowery: Sanctuary Cities Are More Hospitable to Illegal Immigrants Than to American Citizens

Project 21 volunteer Rev. David Lowery, Jr., recently appeared on the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) podcast “No Border No Country” to discuss the devastation Chicago residents have experienced as a result of their leaders’ sanctuary city and illegal immigration policies.

Rev. Lowery, who serves as a pastor at two Chicago-area churches, said:

Mayor Lightfoot instituted Chicago as a sanctuary city, just like some of the other mayors across the country… created their sanctuary cities.  They were begging for all these illegal immigrants to come to the cities, and they were saying, “Oh, we’ve got you with open arms.” Now they’re flooding the cities, especially here in Chicago. And they’re not putting them on the north side where a lot of Caucasians live. They’re bringing those migrants right to the black and brown community….

When the migrants first got to Chicago, they were sleeping in the police stations and wherever they could sleep. But then as more came in, the mayor decided that she wanted to open some of the closed schools in the black and brown communities to house these people. Now these different communities… are saying, “We don’t want them in our community.” But she did open up a school and put the migrants in.

And the most sad thing about it is: How could you open up a school to house illegal immigrants, and we have people here in Chicago who are citizens who are sleeping in boxes, not eating and don’t have proper healthcare? And these are American citizens!

Watch Rev. Lowery’s interview in full below.


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