Project 21 Ambassador Jennifer L. Wallace is the co-founder of the Freedom’s Journal Institute for the Study of Faith and Public Policy (FJI), as well as a principal and contributing editor for Freedom’s Journal Magazine. She currently serves as FJI’s Dr. Joan S. Wallace Senior Fellow for Marriage and Family Life.

Jennifer is a woman of faith inspired by both her personal and political convictions, as well her commitment to encouraging others towards spiritual growth and maturity. Her life goals include serving the Church in general, and the African American Church in particular, as an ally and advocate for the advancing of a biblical worldview, which communicates the precepts and principles of God’s Word and provides a biblical standard for promoting healthy marriage and family life.

Jennifer has enjoyed active ministry and leadership roles in Christian education, leadership training and women’s ministry, serving on — among others — the Circle Y Ranch Women’s Auxiliary Board and the Chicagoland Christian Women’s Conference (CCWC).

Jennifer is a graduate of Howard University with a BS in Human Ecology/Life Sciences with a dual concentration in Business Management, as well as a graduate of Moody Theological Seminary’s Psychology program (MACP) where she received her Master’s degree with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.


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