Madeline Brame

Project 21 Ambassador Madeline Brame is a national victims rights advocate. Madeline is involved with several not-for-profit groups assisting victims of violent crimes, providing financial and moral support, and counseling on navigating a legal system geared to protect violent felons. She is one of the most successful and outspoken critics of “bail reform” and lesser sentences for repeat violent offenders.

Madeline rose to national prominence after her war hero son, Sergeant Hason Correa, was murdered by career criminals in 2018. Hason did not know his assailants prior to the incident. While the first district attorney prosecuting the case was confident of convictions and lengthy sentences, notorious Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg took over the case after getting elected and attempted to negotiate generous plea bargains with all four of Hason’s killers, declining to seek murder charges against two of the four assailants. That is what spurred Madeline to take action. Initially protesting against Bragg outside of his office by herself with a bullhorn, she was eventually joined by hundreds of people in several massive rallies against allowing her son’s killers to walk away with light sentences. The remaining two perpetrators were brought to trial and received lengthy sentences.

Madeline regularly appears on prominent television news shows, radio programs and podcasts, including on Newsmax TV and on the Fox News programs “Hannity” and “The Ingraham Angle.”  This past April, Madeline testified before a congressional judiciary committee hearing about crime under Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.


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